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Kevin Hart wheelchair injury

If there’s anyone in the world capable of turning excruciating pain into comedy, it’s Kevin Hart. The 44-year-old comedian took to Instagram after finding himself in a wheelchair, all thanks to an injury from a supposedly reckless bet. His friendly foot race with former NFL player Stevan Ridley went awry, and Kevin Hart went on a hilarious profanity-filled rant about it. Let’s take a look at all the details of Kevin Hart’s injury that landed him in a wheelchair and how his celebrity friends reacted to it in good humor.

How did Kevin Hart end up in a wheelchair?

It all started when Kevin Hart and Stevan Ridley got into a heated debate on who is faster. There was only one way to find out, as the Jumanji actor challenged the 34-year-old NFL player to a 40-yard dash. However, the outcome of the race turned painful.

Now, Kevin Hart has revealed that he is unable to walk after tearing his lower abdomen and his abductors, which support and control the pelvis. This usually happens as a result of extreme physical pressure on the muscles, particularly in sports and motor accidents

The comedian will have to rely on a wheelchair until he can get back on his feet. Hart admitted that the injuries happened because he did not respect his age and pushed his body beyond its limits.

Previously, in September 2019, Kevin Hart had a severe car accident on Mulholland Highway in Malibu. Driven by his friend Jared Black, Kevin Hart fractured his spine in three places after the vehicle lost control and crashed through wooden fencing.

Kevin Hart’s profanity-filled rant on Instagram

In true Kevin Hart fashion, the comedian went on a hilarious public rant on Instagram, where he has over 178 million followers. He questioned his intelligence for challenging Stevan Ridley to a race at this age. 

The former New England Patriots player has a stunning 40-yard dash time of 4.66 seconds. Kevin Hart asked other people his age to come to terms with their limitations and not end up like him. 

A few hours later, he posted a follow-up video inside a car about how his friends, primarily athletes, called out of concern for his injury. Kevin hilariously remarked that he is still in good shape for his age and lashed out at them for laughing on their calls.

The actor also joked that his private parts look off-shape: some swollen, some like a thumb. He tried hard to hold back his laughter as he spoke about how he gave a ‘1000 percent effort’ in the all-out sprint.

Celebrities react to Kevin Hart’s injury

Kevin Hart’s celebrity friends had a good time poking fun at his injury while sharing their concerns and wishes for his speedy recovery. His Instagram post had comments from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and Steve Harvey, among others.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Kevin Hart’s running competitor, Stevan Ridley, shared his response to the incident on his Instagram Stories. He joked that his former teammate Tom Brady was able to do it at Kevin Hart’s age. So, he expected the same from the comedian, too.

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