Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date To Be Revealed Either At E3 Or KH3 Orchestra Tour

Kingdom Hearts 3

As a part of a demo presentation of Kingdom Hearts 3, franchise director Tetsuya Nomura told journalists about revealing the release date in the coming month.

A really out of context notice here, please don’t mind my writing style. I’ve just liberally changed my writing style from “journalist-ish” to a “personal blogger”. Why? I don’t know either. I’ll let you know once I figure that out.

Back to the story, it won’t be long till Kingdom Hearts 3 releases. Nomura said he and his team are planning to announce the release date early next month.

Square Enix is making the final, last-minute adjustments and polishing the game for a worldwide release.

“We are pretty firm on a certain date, so we hope to reveal it next month”, said Nomrua via translation.

Many are speculating that Square Enix will reveal the release date at E3 next month as it fits in the scene perfectly.

However, they might as well reveal it during the 2018 Kingdom Hearts orchestra tour. If I remember correctly, Square Enix debuted a new Kingdom Hearts trailer during the tour last year.

Not to mention, but I’ll mention, (geez) Square Enix’s own E3 live stream might bring the big reveal.

Additionally, Microsoft and Sony at E3 might debut the release date as well. That would attract more audience for sure.

What are your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3? I haven’t played the game as I wasn’t invited. Maybe? Ah.

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