Kingdom Come: Deliverance hit the shelves two months ago. The game literally took the internet by storm in its debut days. Players have been comparing Kingdom Come: Deliverance with other RPGs since then, and discussing how innovative KC:D is.

However recently, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has reportedly faced a 95% drop in its playerbase on Steam. The game that sold over 500,000 copies in its first two days is now lacking replayability, reports suggest.

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According to reports, the game’s current concurrent player count on Steam has trickled down by a whopping 95%. Kingdom Come: Deliverance once had almost 66,400 concurrent players, but now, the game stands with a strength of 3,600.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

GitHyp’s Report on Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Peak Concurrent Players

What’s next for Kingdom Come: Deliverance? We’ll update you as soon as we have some information on the same.

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