Kingdom Hearts 3 “DOES” Have A Critical Mode; Found Within Game Files

Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode

Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t have a critical mode. Everyone said and believed it. Officially, the mode isn’t a part of the game. However, one particular individual has found Kingdom Hearts 3’s possible Critical Mode hidden in the codes.

A couple of hours ago, Twitter user Keytotruth posted two images to compare the game’s Proud and possible Critical modes. “So, KH3 DOES have a critical mode internally,” they wrote. “Proud and Critical comparison here.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode
Proud Mode
Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode
Possible Critical Mode – Notice how the HP bar, MP bar and Focus bars are shorter than in this mode.

Along with the short HP, MP and Focus bars, you take and deal more damage, i.e. around 1.5-2x in the discovered mode. “I can’t fully confirm it, but the mode makes it seem like you deal double damage but you get double the damage from Proud,” Keytotruth wrote. Additionally, you don’t lose or gain anything in terms of abilities. Last but not least, from what the comparison says, you don’t get the information box and dialogues in this particular mode.

But, is it actually a Critical Mode? Replying to another Twitter user who asked if the mode was just leftover stuff from 0.2, Keytotruth replied, “It is leftover from 0.2. This difficulty isn’t implemented properly. It doesn’t even have a name inside the game. it just shows a blank space. I basically just forced the game to use Critical rules already pre-established.”


As reported, the Critical Mode was found within the game files but Square-Enix didn’t implement in the final build. There’s a possibility the developers could patch it in in a future update. However, we don’t have any confirmation on that.

“I will eventually publish all of the files once I’m fully done getting all the juice out of the save files,” Keytotruth wrote in another tweet. “I still have to find for example a weapon mod.” This discovery could indicate Kingdom Hearts 3 was developed in the same engine as Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep and Square-Enix didn’t bother removing 0.2’s Critical Mode entirely. Why? That is a question currently without an answer.

For the fact, Keytotruth didn’t data-mine the game as many misunderstood. The mode was found through save editing. “We are NOT datamining the game,” Keytotruth wrote in another tweet. “We CAN’T datamine the game. This is just save editing. We are using @ps4savewizard to edit uncompressed save data.”

Last year on November 20th, Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura announced on Twitter that they finally wrapped up the game’s development. The game saw a series of delays with many conflicting decisions here and there, before finally releasing on January 25th this year.

We’ve contacted Square-Enix for a comment on the matter. The article will be updated as soon as there’s an official response.

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