Gerard Pique Kings League

After his playing career ended, Gerard Piqué created a new organization called The Kings League. But how exactly does it work? In case you’re curious, we’ll fill you in!

Despite his unexpected retirement coming so suddenly, Gerard Piqué wasted no time in announcing his next project: the Kings League. Football stars like Iker Casillas and Kun Agüero, as well as streamers like Ibai, Spursito, and DjMaRiio, will represent teams in this tournament.

Kings League Teams

There will be a total of 12 players on each of the 12 teams (ten selected by draft and two selected by the presidents). Among them are known names like Chicharito Hernandez and Raul Tamudo.



Porcinos FC Ibai Plains
Jijantes FC gerard romero
Annihiladores FC JuanSGuarnizo
Los Troncos FC Perxitaa
XBuyer Team Buyer Brothers
Saiyans FC TheGrefg
The Neigborhood Adri Contreras
PIO FC Rivers
Kunisports Kun Agero
Rayo de Barcelona spursito
Ultimate Mstoles djmariio
1K FC Iker Casillas
Kings League Presidents
Image Courtesy of Kings League via Twitter
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Drafting Process

So, how does this rough draft pan out? Those who are familiar with the NBA or NFL draft process will easily understand how things will work. The candidates will take a series of preliminary tests, based on which the presidents will have to make assessments and create rankings, from which they will select the top candidates in a random sequence.

  • The order will be determined randomly, although it will be adjusted after the first round.
  • Each president will have 20 seconds to make his selection. Goalkeepers will not be selected in a separate round, they will also be selected during the regular drafting process.
  • There will be a total of 10 rounds, with 52 participants on standby in case anyone is forced to withdraw due to injury or illness.

Where to Watch the Kings League Draft

Each of the Presidents’ Twitch feeds will be streaming the draft. The Kings League also has its own dedicated channel where you can see all the action as it happens.

Kings League Presidents

  • Ibai Plains (Porcinos FC)
    • Ibai, who along with Piqué founded KOI, is responsible for the Balloon World Cup and boasts an impressive 11 million Twitch subscribers. Now that he’s in charge of his own team, the self-proclaimed Madridista may finally fulfill his dream of managing a club.
  • gerard romero (Jijantes FC)
    • Gerard Romero, creator of the Jijantes Twitch channel, is an expert on all things related to trades and information on FC Barcelona. He also works as a game announcer.
  • JuanSGuarnizo (Annihiladores FC)
    • Juan Guarnizo, a Colombian, has 9.3 million Twitch subscribers and approximately 5 million YouTube subscribers, making him the most popular Latin American Twitch streamer and content creator.
  • Perxitaa (Los Troncos FC)
    • With over 2.5 million subscribers respectively, Perxitaa is a popular YouTube and Twitch personality. This architecture grad, who played goalie for his local football team until he was twenty years old, has found unmitigated success with his Minecraft and GTA gameplays.
  • Buyer Brothers (XBuyer Team)
    • xBuyer is an established streamer with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. His FIFA gameplays and reactions are the most watched on his channel.
  • TheGrefg (Saiyans FC)
    • Murcian David Cánovas has amassed a massive fanbase online, with 10.3 million Twitch viewers and 17.7 million YouTube subscribers. He has been a streamer for almost ten years.
  • Adri Contreras (The Neighborhood)
    • It should come as no surprise that Adri Contreras, winner of the 2021 Sports TikToker Award, is a president. He’s a sports reporter who used to work for El Chiringuito and has 2.6 million TikTok fans.
  • Rivers (PIO FC)
    • Rivers is an unbeatable force. She has 2 million Twitch viewers, 2.4 million TikTok fans, and 1.7 million Instagram followers; also a lover of Chivas de Guadalajara and Mexico. She loves football and has played both goalie and striker.
  • Kun Agero (Kunisports)
    • Agüero has garnered a big following on Twitch, with over 4 million people tuning in to watch his broadcasts. He was a top-tier Argentine player who played for Atlético, Barça, and Manchester City and now it’s his turn to be the president.
  • spursito (Rayo de Barcelona)
    • Spursito, a former member of Mambo FC, is obsessed with football, FC Barcelona, and FIFA.
  • DjMaRiiO (Ultimate Mstoles)
    • DjMaRiiO, a lifelong Madrid fan who has amassed 8 million YouTube subscribers, is undoubtedly among the most popular FIFA content creator.
  • Iker Casillas (1K FC)
    • Iker Casillas, the renowned World and European champion goalkeeper for Real Madrid, has 3.1 million followers on TikTok and will make a huge splash in the presidency.
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