Before the very recent Nintendo Direct event, rumors had been going around about a Kirby game that was to be released. The rumor was in fact true. A game titled Kirby and the Forgotten Land was announced by Nintendo in the midway of the event.

Today, Nintendo released a reveal trailer, giving the world a glimpse of what we can expect of the game. However, it seems like we will be waiting for quite a while before we get to experience the game.

Release Date

There has been no solid date fixed for the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land; with Nintendo mentioning that the game will be out sometime in the Spring of 2022. While all the other games announced were Switch games releasing this winter, Kirby was an exception.

  • The reveal trailer is a bit longer than is usual, in which we get a sneak peek of the gameplay, another unusual aspect of the reveal. This game will be the first Kirby game since Star Allies in 2018.
  • Kirby can be seen washing up on the shore of the Forgotten Land, with its abandoned buildings and landmarks of a civilization that seems to have disappeared.
  • Though previous Kirby games were experienced in a side-scrolling perspective, this game pulls back the view for 3D action as the pink puffball explores a deserted city. Kirby can be seen utilizing some of its new and also returning abilities, as Kirby assimilates new them from devoured foes.
  • This also includes Sword Knight, who transfers to Kirby a distinctly Link-like kit. Without much more ado, we will let you set your eyes upon the Forgotten Land in the reveal trailer below.

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