Over the past couple of months, Kirby has been appearing quite a bit in the news. Many people’s excitement is tangible in the air following the Kirby and the Forgotten Land announcement. However, this is not the only news regarding the Pink Puffball. A famous song from this series has been garnering a lot of attention in addition to this upcoming 3D game.

A classic song from the Kirby series recently got nominated for Grammy Award. This nominated song is part of the arrangement of the “Meta Knight’s Revenge” soundtrack for Kirby Super Star from the SNES. This particular arrangement was the brainchild of Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman. Moreover, this song was performed by The 8-Bit Big Band. Button Masher has also been named as part of the Best Arrangement, Instrumental, or the Acappella category.

The Kirby song, even though it might sound pretty familiar, will sound a bit different at the same time too. This Grammy-nominated arrangement is composed of the eerily similar iconic melody which had made the original SNES version stand out and famous.

The advantage that this new arrangement that the 1996 version did not have is the advantage of a live band. Furthermore, this version has more instrumentation; the song sounds groovier and it is much smoother compared to its former version that had a distinguished fast pace.

Meta Knight’s Revenge

  • While this is not the first video game to receive a Grammy nomination, the list is shockingly sparse. Journey, released in 2012, was the only other game to be nominated.
  • Austin Wintory’s amazing music was included with this critically regarded game. The award, however, went to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, not Wintory’s Journey music. It will be fascinating to see if The 8-Bit Big Band’s jazzy rendition of “Meta Knight’s Revenge” can advance to the Grammy stage.
  • Additionally, Kirby Super Star is now available on Nintendo Switch for fans who have been wanting to play this game. Nintendo is also offering a week’s worth of free trial time to check and test out the online service. This is a golden opportunity for fans to listen to the original version of this particular song in this game.

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