Screengrab via BigDawsTv Youtube Channel

BigDawsTv got banned for life in Chase Center Arena for impersonating Klay Thompson. This is not just some look-alike but rather a popular Youtuber who has nearly 9 million subscribers. BigDawsTv is in the spotlight now as the “Fake Klay Thompson that was banned for life from the Chase Center.”

Screengrab via BigDawsTv Youtube Channel

BigDawsTV: Banned for Life in Golden State Warriors Chase Center Arena

The NBA Finals Game 5 between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors was held last 13th of June 2022. Before the anticipated match, the  Vice-President of the Golden State Warriors Security banned for life the popular Youtuber BigDawsTv. The online personality dressed in a Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors home jersey entered Chase Center Arena without any problems. But on his way out, Dawson took the arena ban for life.

BigdawsTv: The Antics

Dawson Durley, better known as BigDawsTv, had a 10-minute shoot-around in the Chase Center Arena. This is after passing five layers of security who thought he is among the Warriors’ and NBA’s best 3-point shooters. Even Bay Area fans can barely notice the difference and thought he was the real Klay Thompson. Fans asked for autographs and selfies. Although, before doing so, Dawson was disclosing that he is not the real one.

Screengrab via BigDawsTv Youtube Channel

Almost successful with his antics, the security team of Chase Center Arena escorted Dawson out of the basketball court when he was about to leave his 10-minute shoot-around. To be fair, the security team is very friendly and even laughed at his stunt and their mishap. A security guard member even notified Dawson in a friendly manner saying “Hey, the security team is talking about you. You are on their radar. Be careful, alright?”

Despite the smiles, Dawson was somewhat concerned and asked some of the security members if he can still enter the arena for Game 5. One of the guards in reply said, “You have tickets? … if you have tickets yeah! You are welcome as a ticketed guest”

Screengrab via BigDawsTv Youtube Channel
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BigdawsTv: The Verdict

The act did not fair well with Vice-President of the Security Team, Brian J. Herbert. The VP issued an official letter banning BigDawsTv from the arena for life. Some excerpts from the letter said:

“On June 13, 2022, you entered through the employee entrance of Chase Center … without a valid ticket, valid credential, or pre-approved authorization by Chase Center, GSW, or the NBA League Office. …

Your actions can also be deemed to be an act of criminal trespass, and we reserve the right to pursue any criminal charges through The City of San Francisco Police Department and the City Attorney of San Francisco office.

… you are banned, indefinitely, from attending … any event held at Chase Center, Thrive City, and Kaiser Permanente Arena, Santa Cruz, CA …”

Here is a copy of the letter.

Image Courtesy via @BigDawsTv Twitter Account

This was not the first time BigDawsTv pretended and became a “Fake Klay Thompson”. In 2017, during the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors NBA Finals, Dawson also impersonated Klay in Oracle Arena, GSW’s court before Chase Arena. He was able to sneak into the player’s parking area and entered the North Tunnel of the arena. Although, he only interacted with fans in the parking area and in the arena as a ticketed guest.

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Do you think it’s worth it? BigDawsTv could be in a lot more trouble but do you think the ban is excessive? Or does he deserve it?  If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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