Kohl's canceling PS5 orders

A lot of people seemed to have secured a PS5 during Kohl’s drop. New reports suggest that the retailer is canceling orders even after sending out confirmation emails.

Kohl’s sent out confirmation emails saying the orders were “In Fulfillment” stage. Basically, if your order status changes from “Submitted” and goes anything past that, you can modify or cancel your order. Turns out, Kohl’s surely can.

A lot of people whose order status was “In Fulfillment” got their orders canceled. After yesterday’s confirmation emails, today many have received emails saying their orders have been canceled.

The cancelation email said, “Your order has been canceled because your item or items are no longer available…We apologize for any inconvenience. If you earned any Kohl’s Cash on this order, it’s yours to keep.”

Here’s an image –

Kohl's canceling PS5 orders

Some people have reported they’ve received Kohl’s cash, while some haven’t. One individual has received $180 Kohl’s cash which they can now use to purchase anything at the store.

We’ll keep updating this article as we have more information regarding the same

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