PURPLE KISS to embark on their US Tour this year
PURPLE KISS (Image courtesy of PURPLE KISS via Twitter)

Get ready for a concert coming your way, PLORYs! The fourth-gen K-pop girl group under RBW management, PURPLE KISS, has announced their first-ever US tour. The short announcement states that the six-member girl group prepares to bring their talents and mesmerizing stages to the United States. Let’s learn more about PURPLE KISS’s US tour and its possible stops.

PURPLE KISS announces their first-ever world tour starting from the United States

On August 22, the first teaser post of PURPLE KISS‘s first-ever United States world tour appeared on X (formerly known as Twitter). The post was originally posted by Leo Presents, a US-based concert-promoting firm.

  • They have previously organized iKON’s TAKE OFF World Tour this 2023. Leo Presents have also worked with PIXY, SF9, VERIVERY, ONEUS, and TRI.BE and more. In their concise post on Twitter and Instagram handles, they announced they would bring PURPLE KISS to the United States in Fall 2023.
  • They further shared that they are confirming the venues and will share more about them in the future. Meanwhile, they asked the PLORYs to mention the cities they hope to find on the venue list. Some popular choices include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more. Read their statement below:
  • “[Leo Presents] are proud to announce that we have signed a contract with PURPLE KISS. And we will be bringing them to the United States this Fall 2023 💜. We are confirming venues currently and will announce them in the upcoming weeks. Use #PURPLEKISSTOUR & let us know which cities you want us to play!”

The PURPLE KISS Tour hashtag goes viral on social media

Following the announcement, the hashtag for PURPLE KISS’s US Tour went viral across social media. Fans of the girl group shared their excitement and the locations they wished the six members would visit. The areas include almost all the cities across the Western country, from the capital, Washington DC, to the Texan cities, Dallas and Houston. Read some of the reactions below.

Possible dates, cities, tickets, and more

Although there aren’t any official announcements regarding the US tour’s dates, venues, and tickets, there are specific hints about it. In the briefing of PURPLE KISS’s managing agency for the second half of 2023, they mentioned a tour with approximately 20 cities.

Purple Kiss US tour, scheduled for about 20 cities in the second half of 2023. Info via RBW corporate briefing materials
by u/insomnias in PurpleKiss

These cities can possibly include Orlando, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and more. Meanwhile, the possible starting date of the tour will be sometime in late September or early October, considering that they have recently announced their first single album, Festa.

  • They will likely embark on the tour right after the release of Festa on September 5. The tickets will be available to book right after the announcement of the venues in the upcoming weeks and cost around $97 on average.

This announcement is already raising great anticipation among PLORYs, and we cannot wait to learn more about PURPLE KISS’s US Tour. We’ll keep this article updated once new details about the US tour drop!

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