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It looks like the force is strong with Lady Gaga, the mother monster herself. A viral video of her at the Chromatica Ball concert left many people questioning how it was possible. An object went at her suddenly stopped by an “invisible shield” and went down in mid-air.

The video of the incident was from a fan who attended her concert and later put it up on Twitter. It was also clarified from the fan that the video wasn’t edited. So as of now, there are already 1.9k quote-retweets, 10.9k retweets, 112.6k likes, and 4.4 million views from the video.

But how was that even possible? Read more to find out why.

“Invisible” Shield Explained

As the video went viral, many people also tried to explain why it happened to stop the confusion. Among all the others, the one that would make sense is from Twitter user abigguitarThe object could be a ‘scrim’ which is a fabric for props and special effects.

It was also explained by the Twitter user that it is “almost impossible to see at times.”

The object might not magically went at her, it could be part of her show after all. Since it looks like synchronized too as Lady Gaga’s hands moved, it went directly at her. So it could not be a coincidence as well.

It looked very real, it was built well if it’s a scrim was put in the object. The production team did well as it created a buzz online. Many people were amazed and even say that Lady Gaga has ‘powers’.

No response yet from Lady Gaga’s team

It’s been a week since the video went viral. However, Lady Gaga’s team has not yet responded nor confirmed anything. So there’s no conclusion to this discussion any time soon.

The Chromatica Ball: Summer Stadium Tour

Lady Gaga is currently on tour with her The Chromatica Ball: Summer Stadium Tour which began on July 17. The 20-date tour is going to North America and Europe which also ends on September 17.

Moreover, this tour is her 6th headlining concert and was originally going for the summer of 2020. You want to check out the date and cities for this tour here. Don’t miss out on her incredible performances!

You might witness in person the “invisible” shield during her concert.

The Grammy Award-winning singer is certainly busy and thriving. As she also just launched her own beauty make-up line Haus of Labs which promotes clean artistry. She is now a singer-songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. We stan even harder!

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