Last Year: The first-person horror game that lets you play as 90’s villains

Last Year

Wanted horror games to be reversed? Kill high school teenagers as 90’s villains in Last Year.

After Friday The 13th, we might see another reversed-horror game this or the next year. Developed by Elastic Games, Last Year is a asymmetrical multiplayer horror game when one killer has to hunt down a group of teenagers.

The game has been set on October 31, 1996 – where you play as a hunter and your objective is to kill teenagers trapped in a high school. Just some old school horror movies cliche. The game is multiplayer, so it’ll be fun to play it with friends. You’ll get 3 killers shipped with the game, out of which one is known to be the ‘Slasher’.

The reveal trailer of the predator mode of the game was unveiled yesterday which is exactly 20 years after the same is set on. The trailer looks pretty promising.

The game which will be launched on PC started development back in 2014. You can support the game on Kickstarter.