Latest Anthem Update Adds New Story Missions, Game Modes, And More!

Anthem has been amidst a lot of criticism for not being up to the mark, and the Cataclysm update which has been in the pipeline for some time seemed like one last attempt to revive the game. For people who were waiting for the update, there’s some good news as the update is finally live.

Whether the update is actually good enough to bring players back to the game is something highly debatable, one thing is for sure that the new update does add a lot to the game. First of all, is the titular Cataclysm game mode, which is termed as a game mode which “evolves with time”. Players need to fight against time and the environment to master the game mode.

Another notable addition is the introduction of the Inversion system. The system changes the way the player’s Javelin interacts with the environment. Two of these inversions will be available every week adding a nice twist to the game. Here is the full list of Inversions which you can expect in the game.

  • Ultimate Boost
    • Ultimate meter from kills is increased.
  • Turbo Gear
    • Gear recharge rate is increased.
  • Lightning Rod
    • Close-range kills chain lightning to nearby enemies.
  • Close Encounters
    • Shotguns and Machine Pistols deal increased damage.
  • Precision Operator
    • Snipers and Marksman Rifles deal increased damage.
  • Immunity Pack
    • Ammo pickups grant brief immunity to damage.
  • On the Edge
    • At low armor, damage dealt increases.
  • Soldier’s Reward
    • Killing an enemy restores a small amount of shields.
  • From the Skies
    • Heat build-up while hovering is decreased.
  • Air Support
    • Defeating an enemy while hovering grants increased damage while on the ground for a short time; stacks up to 5 times.
  • Broken Magazine
    • Weapons have no spare ammo, but enemies drop ammo more often.
  • Running on Empty
    • Firing the last shot in a weapon’s clip increases all damage for a short time.

Apart from this the game also adds a number of weapons and features, a complete list of which can be found here.

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