Further reveals about Genshin Patch 2.1 have leaked online, disclosing new fun features about a fishing mechanic, along with weaponry that gamers will be able to obtain when the much-anticipated patch enters!

New Weapons

  • Luxurious Sea-Lord
    • Genshin Intel notably released screenshots revealing details about the upcoming Update 2.1 weapon batch. The Luxurious Sea-Lord will be introduced in the game’s succeeding update, according to the leak. The weapon appears to be a 4-star Claymore with a percent scaling ATK %.

  • The Catch
    • According to reports, the weapon has the ability to awaken a titanic tuna that deals ATK AoE DMG. The Catch, according to reports, would be another weapon that gamers can obtain. It appears to be a four-star Polearm with Energy Recharge scaling.

  • Fumetsu Gekka
    • The 5-star Catalyst weapon Fumetsu Gekka, which scales in HP percent, was also disclosed. Barbara and Kokomi will be ideal for this weapon because it has an essential Healing Bonus. The layout suggests it might be Kokomi’s.

Fishing Mechanic

  • The latest mechanic, as per the spills, will enable gamers to fish at various fishing locations. You will know the spots by the visible waveforms in the water. Every fishing spot appears to be home to a different fish variety.
  • Each fish will have its own favorite lures. As well as various sorts of fishing poles you will need to snag different fish species. The Moonstringer Rod is the only item that we know thus far. According to the leaks, several of the fishes are Ornamental, the more valuable type that you may cultivate in the Serenitea Pot.

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