LE SSERAFIM Member with the Most Fans | Ranked (Updated January 2024)

LE SSERAFIM Member with the Most Fans | Ranked (As of September 2023)

We’re probably in K-pop’s fifth generation (or near), which means quite a lot of fourth-generation idols already have their personal Instagram accounts. These accounts give their fans a glimpse of their favorite idols’ aesthetic photos, life, and, of course, their visuals. One of the fourth-generation idols that shook the K-pop world was SOURCE MUSIC’s LE SSERAFIM. We’re still hungover with their songs UNFORGIVEN and their B-side, Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s Wife. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans and know more about the girls, too!!

LE SSERAFIM member with the Most Fans

The LE SSERAFIM girls recently started their world tour, FLAME RISES. The five-member girl group released their first studio album entitled UNFORGIVEN in May 2023. If you visited this page to learn more about the LE SSERAFIM, the group debuted under SOURCE MUSIC on May 2, 2022. With the five girls’ unique charms and addictive tracks, the SSERA girls quickly rose and took over social media and people’s playlists.

  • A year after their debut, the girls opened their personal Instagram accounts. As for Sakura and Chaewon, who were once part of IZ*ONE, became active once again on the said platform. And now, let’s check out the LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, shall we?

[Update as of January 2024, LE SSERAFIM members’ Instagram Followers]

Instagram Accounts IG Followers Count
5) Eunchae (@hhh.e_c.v) 5.5 million
4) Kazuha (@zuhazana) 6.7 million
3) Yunjin (@jenaissante) 8.8 million
2) Chaewon (@_chaechae_1) 8.4 million
1) Sakura (@39_sakuchan) 10.3 million

5) Eunchae

Opening this ranked list, the fifth LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, the group’s (and possibly HYBE and K-pop fans’) Manchae, Hong Eunchae. If you’re still wondering where manchae came from, you can ask Sakura. Apparently, SSERA’s oldest member accidentally mixed up Eunchae and maknae. Aside from being the youngest, Eunchae holds the lead dancer and vocalist position. ICYMI, since February 2023, she co-hosted Music Bank, along with actor Lee Chae-Min.

LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, Hong Eunchae
Eunchae ranks the fifth LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans | Image Courtesy of Hong Eunchae via Instagram (@hhh.e_c.v)

Believe it or not, this 16-year-old stands at 5-foot-7. Seriously, who can’t get enough of Manchae’s cuteness? She may be all-out serious on stage, but her off-cam moments explode the word ‘adorable.’ She can actually become HYBE’s little sister at this rate, as every group under the company just can’t stop saying cute. The walking-like cat is her representative emoji, so you don’t miss it!

  • She is fit to be an MC; aside from her cuteness, Eunchae knows how to make her interviewees comfortable with her. By the way, doesn’t she remind you of Red Velvet’s Yeri? Also, both are their groups’ maknaes too!

4) Kazuha

Up on the fourth rank, here’s LE SSERAFIM’s elegant dancer, Nakamura Kazuha. If you already lovey, lovey, lovey, dovey, dovey, dovey-ed, then pretty sure you know this LE SSERAFIM member (or you should know her). Nakamura Kazuha is one of the two Japanese members of the girl group. Zuha holds the dancer, rapper, and sub-vocalist positions. Before she became a K-pop idol, Kazuha was a K-pop fan too!

Honestly, the members have so much visuals, and other than that, height as well. The August 9, 2003-born could also be a perfect model with her 5-foot-7 height. If you feel like becoming a Kazuha stan, better not watch their reality shows on YouTube, you’ll see how soft and how the group babies her along with Eunchae. Since she just learned Korean, there are some mispronunciations and confusion at some words; she’ll just adorably laugh it off. She takes the fourth LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans; she is such a cutie!

  • Did you know that Kazuha attended ballet classes? Her elegance in dancing probably came from her skills in ballet. This leads to having the swan as her representative emoji.

3) Chaewon

Ranking as the third LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, Kim Chaewon. As one of the former members of IZ*ONE, it’s impossible not to know who Chaewon is. Now, as the leader of LE SSERAFIM, she also holds the vocalist and dancer positions. Before having her face as her display photo on IG, Chaewon was once the Disney character elephant, Dumbo.

LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, Kim Chaewon
Chaewon places as the second LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans | Image Courtesy of Kim Chaewon via Instagram (@_chaechae_1)

We’re now way past the tall members of SSERA, as Chaewon reaches 5-foot-4 in height. She isn’t small, though, just smaller than the first three members above. Her representative emoji, a lion, would perfectly fit Chaewon. The 2000-liner may be short-tempered (even during her IZ*ONE days), but surely, once you choose her as your bias, you can’t get out of it! She’s probably one of the K-pop idols that has a huge fanbase locally and internationally [real].

  • Ssamu and mint chocolate ice cream are just a few of her favorite foods. Later, these also became her nicknames, so say hello to ssamu, AKA Chaewon!

2) Yunjin

We’re now down to the last two girls, and snatching the second spot as the LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans is Huh Yunjin. Who wouldn’t know her? If you’ve been watching survival shows way back, you may have seen her in Produce 48. She might have been eliminated, but surely Yunjin didn’t let this hinder her from reaching her idol dreams. She’s a former trainee from PLEDIS Entertainment. Jennifer, or Jen (as she prefers), is the group’s vocalist and rapper.

Yunjin stands the tallest among all her members at 5-foot-8. The 2001-liner already released four solo singles, with her recent ‘blessing in disguise’ track. You may want to check out her Instagram because, personally, she may pass as the most aesthetic member of SSERA. The singer-songwriter loves to read books, cook, and draw too. Also, her Instagram username sounds expensive; Jen came from her name and the French word naissante, which means come into existence. BTW, her representative emoji is a snake.

  • If you’re stan Twitter, you shouldn’t have missed out when fans see the similarities between Yunjin and TWICE’s Jihyo. Mother and daughter vocals? True!

1) Sakura

Closing this ranked list and being the LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, let’s give it up for one of K-pop’s visuals — Miyawaki Sakura. She’s the second Japanese member and a former IZ*ONE member, along with Chaewon. Sakura, the eldest member, was born on March 19, 1998. She has the roles of vocalist, rapper, and dancer. Kkura was part of HKT48 and AKB48.

Similar to Chaewon, Sakura also stands 5-foot-4. If you’ve been supporting her before her LE SSERAFIM days, you know that SSERA’s eonni loves gaming and even has a YouTube channel. Aside from games, you may want to talk to her about K-pop girl groups, as she is a fan of a few like aespa and (G)I-DLE. Her representative emoji should be the cat face emoji, so if you see FEARNOTs’ posts with the emoji, you’ll quickly know it’s her. Aside from being the LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans, Kkura could also be the funniest NGL.

  • Miyawaki Sakura also became the first LE SSERAFIM member to be revealed. Her Japan fandom is huge, and K-pop fans just love her and her funny antics.

Thoughts on the LE SSERAFIM member with the most fans? If you missed any updates or have questions about LE SSERAFIM or K-pop, you can also share them below. For more content, stay with us here at Spiel Times. Make sure you subscribe to our push notifications and never miss an update. You can also follow us on Spiel AnimeTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. Until next time!

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