League of Legends: Griffin loses half their roster after LCK relegation

When it comes to roller coasters in the LCK, Griffin Gaming seems to be the only team to have bought multiple tickets to that ride. 

In just six months, this Korean League of Legends squad of talented players went from being World favorites to finishing 10th in the 2020 spring split.

This drastic upheaval, however, in performance is nothing new to this roster. Over the last couple of splits, consistency has been a major issue for the org; either they were performing too well, or too poorly, to even qualify for Worlds.

But even with their poor performances, they still held a strong position in the LCK standings and were hardly ever subjected to relegation matches.

This time around their performance was a bit too poor.

Griffin loses their squad

Griffin came last by the end of the regular split / Reddit

Griffin had a very disappointing Spring Split in 2020, not only did they finish 10th in the regular season, but got relegated by Sandbox Gaming in the final LCK promotion tournament.

Following this disappointment, the org is now going to lose three of their star players in Park “Untara” Ui-jin, Park “Viper” Do-Hyeon, and Son “Ucal” Woo-Hyeon, come this summer.

Viper had been a part of the Griffin LCK roster, from the time he made a debut on the professional stage. His performance in Griffin, till the 2019 Worlds Championship was stellar and he was hailed by many analysts as one of the best AD carries in Korea. 

Ucal, on the other hand, was never really a long-term member in any squad, as he is known to change teams on a yearly basis. After being picked up by Griffin earlier this year, Ucal did not have much success in the mid-lane and boasted some of the worst KDA stats out of all the teams.

Top laner Untara was once a player in T1 but took a short hiatus in Turkey right after leaving the squad. On his return to the LCK, Griffin signed him up, and like Ucal, he hardly had much success.

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