League of Legends: LoL Patch 12.11 Details + Ashe Support??

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Riot Games released Patch 12.11 for League of Legends last week. The patch brings different adjustments to champions as well as new skins. Moreover, a new champion, Bel’Veth, is coming to LoL. Here are the full patch notes for LoL patch 12.11.

League of Legends - Patch 12.11 Highlights
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Bel’Veth, the Void Empress is the newest champion in League of Legends

League of Legends - Bel'Veth
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The highlight of the latest patch for League of Legends is Bel’Veth arriving. Bel’Veth is a Void jungler who specializes in high ATK speeds. For her ultimate attack, Bel’Veth transforms into her ‘True Form’. While she’s in her True Form, Bel’Veth’s max HP and speed are increased. Moreover, her ultimate lets her move through walls with her Void Surge ability.

New skins for champions in patch 12.11

League of Legends - Ocean Song 1
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

In time with the Neptune bundle releasing on VALORANT, League of Legends features its ocean-inspired skins. Starting June 9, 2022, the following skins will be available through the in-game shop: Ocean Song Ashe, Ocean Song Nidalee, Ocean Song Seraphine, Ocean Song Yone, and Ocean Song Zeri.

League of Legends - Ocean Song 2
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Additionally, Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine is also available for a limited time. From June 9 to July 14, 2022, players can get her skin from the in-game shop.

League of Legends - Ocean Song Prestige
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

For Bel’Veth, she is getting her own Battle Boss skin. Previous champions with Battle Boss skins are Yasuo, Blitzcrank, and Malzahar, among others.

League of Legends - Battle Boss Bel'Veth
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The new patch in LoL looks to fix durability updates from the previous version

Almost 30 champions received adjustments, and Riot wants to ensure that the new patch resolves and polishes some issues with some champions. For this patch, the following champions received significant buffs:

  • Caitlyn
  • Gargas
  • Irelia
  • Lee Sin
  • Nunu & Willump
  • Rakan
  • Ryze
  • Samira
  • Sona
  • Sylas
  • Tham Kench
  • Taric
  • Tryndamere
  • Xin Zhao

On the other hand, some champions also received some nerfs for this patch. Here is a list of champions who got nerfs in the LoL patch 12.11:

  • Brand
  • Gwen
  • Kayn
  • Kog’Maw
  • Lillia
  • Master Yi
  • Rengar
  • Senna
  • Swain Taliyah
  • Veigar
  • Wukong

As for other champions, they are only getting adjustments and not exactly nerfs or buffs. Champions who received adjustments for this update are Fizz, Olaf, and Zeri, among others. Check out the full patch list notes for more details on League of Legends’ latest patch.

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Out with Ashe ADC and in with Ashe Support

More and more players are starting to use Ashe as a Support and no longer as ADC. With the previous durability update buffing marksmen in LoL, it’s no surprise that players no longer see Ashe as an ADC.

League of Legends - Ashe
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

In League of Legends Patch 12.11, Ashe saw a pick rate of 7.5%, a significantly higher number than her pick rate of 1.5% in patch 12.9. If we can recall correctly, Ashe received a buff last time, significantly reducing her ultimate skill’s cooldown time.

Now, Ashe sees a 30-second cooldown for ultimate. If teams utilize her as a support champion properly, they’ll be able to launch her ultimate two times in just a minute. And compared to a 43% play rate as a support champion, Ashe is getting picked more in Platinum ranks and above with a 55% play rate.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of Ashe in future matches.

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