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The newest champion to enter Summoner’s Rift is the Chem-Baroness, Renata Glasc. The support character looks to add a new way of playing the role with her abilities. Her ultimate, Hostile Takeover, can cause enemies to go Berserk and attack one another with increased attack speed. A well-placed R can turn a team fight around and even lead to crazy Baron steals.

Who is Renata Glasc?

Hailing from Zaun, Renata’s title as Chem-Baronness means that she is one of the key figures in the underground city. Her company Glasc Industries produces Chemtech products ranging from fragrances to augmentation. A shrewd businesswoman, her goal is to gain control of trade in Piltover and Zaun. Trailers indicate that she may have interactions with Piltover’s Camille.


Screenshot courtesy of Riot Games
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Aside from her ultimate, her abilities provide a range of utility, crowd control, and damage. Like most modern champions, Renata has many tools that accommodate different types of playstyles. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  • Her passive makes her basic attacks mark enemies. Allies who damage those with the mark deal additional damage
  • Her Q shoots a missile which can then throw the enemy in a direction chosen by Renata. If they collide with another champion during the move, both are stunned.
  • Her W grants increasing move and attack speed to an ally. It can also give 3 seconds of additional time alive if they die with the buff.
  • Her E is a rocket that shields allies while damaging and slowing enemies.

Many players and fans are excited about what Renata will bring to League of Legends. They have also praised her design, showcasing a more mature and elegant female character on the roster.

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