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It would be hardly only 2 weeks when League of Legends has been released with patch 12.1. Patch 12.1 has brought a few buffs to Diana and Gangplank, as well as a few, Nerfs to Rek’Sai and Sona. Now it’s time for patch 12.2, which will bring a lot of new champions, new skins, and much more.

Release Date

Season 12 of the League of Legends has finally arrived. Players can expect the release of patch 12.2 on January 19. The Tuesday update will begin rolling out at 10 am AEDT on Oceanic servers, before a worldwide rollout across the rest of the day.

3:00am (PT) 5:00am (GMT) 3:00am (CET) 8:00am (KR)

Patch Notes

New Champ: Zeri

League of Legends 12.2 introduces Zeri as the MOBA’s newest champion.  A new AD carry from Runetera’s polluted twin undercity Zaun, she’s jumping from Arcane onto Summoner’s Rift.

Living Battery (Passive):

  • Zeri gains Move Speed whenever she receives a shield. When she damages an enemy shield she absorbs its energy, shielding herself.

Burst Fire (Q):

  • Passive: Zeri’s basic attack deals magic damage, scales with AP, and is treated as an ability. Moving and casting Burst Fire stores up energy in Zeri’s Sparkpack. When fully charged, her next basic attack will slow and deal bonus damage.
  • Active: Burst Fire shoots a burst of 7 rounds that deal physical damage to the first enemy hit.

Ultrashock Laser (W):

  • Zeri fires an electric pulse that slows and damages the first enemy hit. If the pulse hits a wall it fires a long-range laser from the point of impact.

Spark Surge (E):

  • Zeri dashes a short distance and energizes her next 3 casts of Burst Fire, causing them to pierce through enemies. She will vault over or grind along any terrain she dashes into, depending on the angle. Hitting a champion with an attack or ability reduces Spark Surge’s cooldown.

Lightning Crash (R):

  • Zeri discharges a nova of electricity, damaging nearby enemies, and overcharges herself for a moderate duration. While overcharged, Zeri gains increased damage, Attack Speed, and Move Speed. Attacking enemy champions refreshes the overcharge duration and adds another stack of Move Speed. While overcharged, Burst Fire’s damage concentrates into a faster triple shot that chains lightning between enemies.

Janna Rework

The wait for Janna’s rework is finally going to be over. Her basic attack range is being cut from 550 to 500. Moreover, her speed increased to 330 from 315. Janna will no longer gain bonus magic damage based on her movement speed too. To compensate for these changes, she’s getting a slight AD and move speed buff.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games


  • Move speed increased to 330 from 315
  • AD increased to 52 + 3 per level from 46 + 1.5 per level
  • Attack range decreased to 500 from 550

Tailwind (Passive):

  • Effect changed to 8% move speed while moving toward allies from 8% move speed
  • No longer grants bonus magic damage on bonus move speed

Howling Gale (Q):

  • Mana cost decreased to 60-100 from 60-140
  • Min range increased to 1100 from 1000
  • Max range increased to 1760 from 1750
  • Travel time decreased to 1.25 from 1.5

Zephyr (W):

  • Range changed to 650 center to center from 550 edge to edge
  • Slow duration increased to 3 seconds from 2 seconds
  • Cooldown increased to 12 seconds from 8-6 seconds
  • Damage increased to 70-190 from 55-175
  • Passive move speed increased to 8-12% from 6-10%

Eye of the Storm (E):

  • Cooldown decreased to 15-9 seconds from 16-12 seconds
  • Time before shield decays increased to 1.25 seconds from .75 seconds
  • Shield amount decreased to 80-200 (+65% AP) from 80-220 (+70% AP)
  • Effect changed to impairing an enemy champion’s movement grants 20% heal and shield power for 5 seconds from crowd controlling an enemy champion with a spell reduces cooldown by 20%

Monsoon (R):

  • Healing tick rate decreased to .25 from .5 (total healing amount unchanged)


Whimsy (W):

  • Cooldown increased to 17/16/15/14/13 from 16/15/14/13/12



  • HP per level increased to 95 from 85

Duskbringer (Q):

  • AD ratio increased to 85% from 75%



  • HP regen decreased to 6 from 7.5

Edge of Ixtal (Q):

  • Elemental Wrath grass trail duration decreased to 3 seconds from 3.5 seconds


The thrill of the Hunt (R):

  • Rengar will now Leap when Camouflaged (includes chemo fog)


Inferno Trigger (R):

  • Damage per bullet increased to 5/15/25 (50% AD) from 0/10/20 (+50%AD)


Piercing Darkness (Q):

  • New: Slows enemies by 20%(+6%/100AP)(+10%/100bAD) for 2 seconds


Twilight Assault (Q):

  • Increased Q damage decreased to 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% target’s max HP from 5/5.5/6/6.5/7%

Tahm Kench

Tongue Lash (Q):

  • Slow increased to 50% from 40%

Thick Skin (E):

  • Damage to Thick Skin changed to 15/25/35/45/55%, increased to 45/50/55/60/65% if there are 2 or more visible nearby enemy champions from 45/50/55/60/65%
  • Thick Skin to Health conversion rate increased to 45-100% scaling from level 1-18 changed from 30-100% scaling from level 1-18

Devour (R):

  • Ally champion cast no longer self slows TK and now grants a 40% movement speed bonus.
  • Ally shield changed to 500/700/900 (+150% AP) from 400/500/600 (+100% AP)
  • Teammate cast changed to grant Tahm Kench 40% move speed for 3 seconds from slowing Tahm Kench for 30/20/10% for the duration of the Devour


Rake (W):

  • Bonus Monster damage decreased to 105% from 130%


Baleful Strike (Q):

  • Cooldown decreased to 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 from 7/6.5/6/5.5/5
  • Stacks from Large Minions/Monster increased to 3 from 2



  • AD per level increased to 3.5 form 3

Sky Splitter (E):

  • Cooldown decreased to 13 from 15


Steel Tempest (Q):

  • AD ratio increased to 105% from 100%


Mortal Steel (Q):

  • AD ratio increased to 105% from 100%


Death Mark (R):

  • Base damage decreased to 65% AD from 100% AD

Item Changes

Lich Bane

  • Spellblade passive damage 150% base AD + 40% ability power ⇒ 75% base AD + 40% ability power.

Immortal Shieldbow

  • Passive shield 250-700 ⇒ 275-650.

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