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League of Legends’ PBE is where Riot tests its upcoming changes before bringing them to the live server. While not all make it, it provides a good indication of what they’d like to achieve in Patch 12.4. Historically, most of these changes will see application though they may change the numbers based on testing. Here’s what you need to expect this upcoming patch:


Both Aatrox and Xayah have been receiving small buffs with each patch, and it’s only a matter of time before they get to top form. Aatrox damage amp from Sweet Amp increases, while Xayah receives a buff to her E. There seems to be a lot of focus on Marksmen this patch. There are also buffs for:

Ashe Lucian Kalista

Nami also receives a revert to her E, bringing her back to power. A few other champions that were underutilized are also getting some love. Neeko, Rumble, and Illaoi receive some buffs that may shake up the meta.


Some powerhouses are going down next week. Riot is tuning down Zeri after players are getting used to her playstyle. Veigar is also receiving a few nerfs, though it will not affect his ability to gain AP with his Q. Instead, they are reducing his armor and E cooldowns.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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Mundo will also receive a nerf in Patch 12.4 after being one of the highest win rates in the top lane across all elos. A nerf to him may mean that other champions such as Yorick and Garen may move up.


12.4 will see Riot eliminating the Janna top trend in high elo games. Solo supports will now only farm the value of 2 minions per minute until five minutes. These changes will also affect objective bounty gold to offset how much support characters earn on their income items. For a complete list of changes, check the table Riot Games provided.

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