League of Legends: Update 11.15 Release Date, Patch Notes

League of Legends Update 11.15 is now available for download! Here are all of the initial patch notes and adjustments that will be included in the July 21 update, along with Akshan’s Season 11 premiere, a slew of balance improvements for Sylas, Viego, and Aurelion Sol, more Sentinel of Light event cosmetics, and much more!

Patch Notes: 11.15

Riot Games is concentrating on two areas for the upcoming LoL patch:

Pro-facing shakeup for playoffs. High performing solo queue champs.

As a result of this strategy, a number of favourite League champs, such as Season 11’s newbies Gwen and Viego, have been singled out for nerfs. Sylas and Thresh, as well as, somewhat unexpectedly, Aurelion Sol, are all targets for Riot. The latter, thanks to his high-elo win percentages, has earned his spot.

  • The July 21 patch contains more than just balance changes. Akshan, a new League of Legends champion, joins the game’s massive champion lineup, along with a contentious reincarnation spell and a “Cyber Pop” cosmetic.
  • The Ruination episode continues with the addition of three new Sentinel skins from Riot, as well as “Ruined” cosmetics for Miss Fortune and Thresh.

What To Expect

  • The whip-wielding Sentinel of Light will make his Summoner’s Rift premiere during the much-anticipated “Rise of the Sentinels” narrative update, according to Riot Games.
Annie Aurelion Sol Gwen
Irelia Kayle Sylas
Thresh Viego Wukong
Blitzcrank Caitlyn Cassiopeia Kennen Mordekaiser
Nidalee Rell Shyvana Syndra Xayah
  • Champion Adjustments
    • Rumble and Dr. Mundo
  • Item Buff
    • Hullbreaker

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