Are League of Legends LOL Servers Down? August 18, 2020 Complete Update

In a recent announcement, League of Legends Gameplay Designer RiotPhlox has divulged to the fans and players about the champions that will be targeted in the coming patch of 11.22. This upcoming patch seems to be the last of the regular patches before the much-anticipated changes are made.

It is usually in the Preseason when League of Legends players experience major changes to the game when compared to the biweekly updates. The listed below League of Legends Champions will receive adjustments and buffs in the upcoming patch of 11.22:

Renekton Riven Kayn
Kalist Varus Akali
  • It is also been noticed that Renekton has dipped in the win rate due to nerf Cull the Meek (W) which was seen back in the League of Legends patch 11.18.
  • This is responsible for decreasing the stan duration of the champion’s core abilities. As such it has transformed this champion into one of the weakest. Currently, Renekton holds an atrocious win rate of 43.6%.
  • Such a change has also taken away the ability of Renekton to set up ganks and furthermore, he seems to be struggling quite a bit when tackling champions such as Mordekaiser, Ornn, or Dr. Mundo.

Additionally, the Kayn buffs will particularly target the character’s Rhaast form – this form has been subjected to recent changes in accordance with the item Goredrinker. With Rhaast and Goredrinker together betting buffed would mean that Renekton will possibly witness spikes in the win rate in the upcoming weeks.

The following listed champions are supposed to be nerfed:
Qiyana Graves Kha’Zix Yuumi Maokai
  • Within the nerf list, Kha’Zix holds the highest of win rates at 52.82%. Qiyana and Graves both have been the highest contested picks, hence adjustments made to both of them do not come across as a major shock
  • On a similar note, Yuumi’s popularity in recent times has also escalated because she is either picked or banned! She is one of the most obnoxious champions in the League of Legends, to say the least. With an over 40% ban rate, Yuumi holds the highest ban rate.
Patch 11.22 will go live on 3rd November 2021.

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