League of Legends: Update, Patch 11.17 Early Details

Patch 11.17 is just around the corner and it contains the infamous Viego nerf, new skin, champion changes, and more! So let’s take a look at what’s in store for us!

Patch 11.17 Schedule – August 25, 2021

3 hours before the Season 11 update official dispatch, matchmaking and competitive matches will be down in all LoL servers.

3:00AM (PT) 5:00AM (GMT) 3:00AM (CET) 8:00AM (Korea)

Other Champion Changes

  • LUCIAN: Riot introduces a new passive called “Vigilance” that grants Lucian bigger alliance buffs. Additionally, it will lower mana rates for his W ability, and damage-based adjustments to his Culling ultimate.
  • AMUMU: Riot wants to grant him a “well-deserved” power increase to cheer up the sorrowful mummy. When 11.17 is released Amumu’s Q skill, Bandage Toss, will now have 2 charges.
Akshan Gangplank Graves Irelia Kayn
Leona Viego Zed Ekko Evelynn
Lissandra Nami Senna Teemo Xayah

New Skins

9 chromas will be included with every new Crime City Nightmare skin. The “Phoenix” skins will also have 8 chromas per champion, according to Dexerto.

Akali Darius Shaco Twisted Fate Zyra
BRAVE PHOENIX: Xayah – 1,350 RP
DIVING PHOENIX: Anivia – 1,350 RP
GRACEFUL PHOENIX: Seraphine – 1,350 RP

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The Gloomy Mage: Vex

  • The Gloomy Mage might be Yuumi’s missing maestro, according to a widely known League myth. The yordle vanished after teleporting to a scary place with the Book of Thresholds.
  • Riot teased that the melancholy sorcerer might prefer to be isolated in the beginning. A gateway beyond Bandle City to the Shadow Isles, similar to one that the Book of Thresholds might unlock, is in the imagery. The champ’s appearance and possibly mythology, has changed mildly since then. READ MORE..

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