League of Legends: Vex Abilities Reveal + Release Date

League of Legends will be adding Vex as their new champion with the release of the 11.19 patch. Update 11.19 is scheduled to release on Thursday, 23rd September.

Vex: The Gloomist is the first Yordle champion in well over 5 years, joining the 14 existing Yordle champions who are already available.

With the start of 2021, League of Legends came up with three new champions. This includes Viego: The Ruined King, Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress, and Akshan: The Rogue Sentinel. The big surprise of them all is the fourth grumpy champion of the year, Vex.

Who is Vex?

Vex, the Gloomist, makes her debut in League of Legends this month revealed during the recent Sentinels of Light event. Vex is League’s first new Yordle since 2016. She is a mid-lane mage who hates sunshine, happiness, and champions who dash all over Summoner’s Rift.

The champion trailer showcased Vex in an alternate outfit apart from her default appearance. Riot Games has revealed that the alternate outfit is known as Dawnbringer Vex. The developers have additionally confirmed that the skin will also be released along with Vex in update 11.19 on 23rd September.

Release Date

In an official statement, Riot Games has announced that Vex will be introduced to the game with the release of the League of Legends 11.19 patch.

  • Update 11.19 will release on Thursday, 23rd September. However, players will be able to a hint of Vex on the PBE servers after the 11.19 PBE cycle begins.
  • Reav3, Lead Producer of Champions Team for League of Legends, claimed:

“As long as everything goes as planned, Vex should be coming out in September. We’re working on getting her source of power (aka her shadow) just right in-game, which is why she’s releasing a bit after the Sentinels of Light event. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy getting to know the gloomy Yordle who holds a special place in our goth kid hearts.”

Vex’s Abilities

Riot Games has officially revealed the champion’s entire package of abilities for LoL. We will be discussing Vex’s strengths and abilities now.

Passive – Doom ‘n Gloom

  • Doom – Periodically, Vex becomes empowered by Doom, causing her next basic ability to interrupt dashes and Fear enemies.
  • Gloom – Whenever nearby enemies dashes or blinks, they become marked with Gloom. Vex’s next basic attack against a marked enemy detonates the mark, dealing bonus damage and refunding part of Doom’s cooldown.

Q – Mistral Bolt

  • Vex launches a wave forward, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. After a short delay, the wave accelerates but has reduced width. Mistral Bolt detonates Gloom on any marked enemies it hits.

W – Personal Space

  • Vex gains a shield and emits a shockwave, dealing magic damage to enemies around her. Personal Space detonates Gloom on any marked enemies it hits.

E – Looming Darkness

  • Shadow flies to a location, increasing in size as it travels. On arriving, Shadow deals magic damage slows and marks enemies hit with Gloom.

R – Shadow Surge

  • Shadow flies forward, marking and dealing magic damage to the first enemy champion hit. Vex can then recast this ability to have Shadow pull her to the marked target, dealing additional magic damage.
  • If the marked target dies within a short time of taking damage from Shadow Surge, Vex can cast Shadow Surge again within a few seconds.

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