Riot Games released an official statement in which they stated an essential decision that intrigued the community. In the next patch 11.21, the chats between teams in queues will be removed to prevent verbal harassment between participants.

The devs are well aware that there has been a major issue in the LoL gaming community almost since the game’s release. We’re talking about player toxicity. Riot has acknowledged that they have received numerous feedback specifying that gamers are verbally abusing one another. This appears to be a major issue that happens regularly between team chats.

Systematic Change

  • The chat between teams will not be available in League of Legends patch 11.21. This is to make a progressive change that addresses the source of the dilemma. Only team queues will have this change.
  • Although the company acknowledges that this chat facilitates fun interactions between teams and many discussions without malice, they also understand that it is one of the primary outlets of unpleasant experiences, which far outnumber positive interactions.

Riot plans to deactivate team chat in this manner in order to assess the impact of the adjustment via statistics of verbal abuse and penalty rates. Assessments and community feedback will also be taken into consideration.

Riot has stated the following in regards to this reform:

  • Only team-to-team chat will be unavailable. Emotes, Champion Mastery (except if you’ve been muted), and how you use CTRL + 1/2/3/4 nonstop will all be visible to opponents.
  • At the conclusion of the game, both teams will take part in a post-game chat. Additionally, you’ll still be able to communicate with your allies via team chat.

Evidently, Riot is aware that verbal abuse occurs in team chats as well, so the effort to address this particular behavior does not stop here, and it is something they will strive to work on in the future. Some players may find the action to be inconvenient, but Riot believes it is worthwhile in order to eliminate the negativity that cross-team chat has produced for so long. You may read Riot’s full statement HERE.

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