League of Legends isn’t one to back down from collaborations, as we’ve seen in recent years. Their promotions saw them collaborating with Fortnite, Magic: the Gathering, Tiffany & Co., and more. The latest to come out would be their Nerf LMTD release. The latest from the toy gun manufacturer will see Jinx’s iconic rocket launcher, Fishbones, come to life.

What We Know So Far

Nerf hasn’t been shy about collaborating with popular game and movie franchises. It was one of the reasons why the toy company surged back in popularity following its decline after Nerf’s initial boom. The LMTD series are special limited-edition releases inspired by pop culture. It will include features unseen with other Nerf guns and unique packaging. Some of the LMTD guns that NERF released in the past include:

  • Halo
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian
  • Star Wars: Boba Fett
  • Star Trek
  • GI Joe

Nerf has also released lines focused on Fortnite and Overwatch. The announcement came with a YouTube video on both the Nerf and League of Legends channels.

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Fishbones will have a three-dart burst mode and an 18-round drum. It requires no batteries, and you can keep shooting your spread of nerf foam darts at your opponent. It will also come with a stand and a stabilizer on the shoulder. It’s true to Jinx’s iconic weapon that she carries around in League of Legends and the Netflix series Arcane. Another bonus is Fishbone’s mouth will have an open and close mode when you display it.

Nerf Fishbones is now available for preorder from the Nerf website. It will have an SRP of $169.99. It is probably one of the most ambitious projects from Nerf since the Halo needler.

Many New Projects in the Pipeline

League of Legends and the world of Runeterra have become a worldwide phenomenon. Add to that the fact that Riot has proven that it is a world-class gaming company with the success of Valorant. A successful release of Jinx’s Fishbones may mean more League guns in the future. We may see things like Lucian’s dual pistols, Senna’s relic cannon, or Jhin’s Whisper.

Valorant also has many notable guns that Nerf could draw from. The easiest would be Chamber and his guns. Nerf can also make replicas of weapons such as the Sheriff, Vandal, Phantom, and Operator.

Recently, Riot has been delving deep into introducing more of the lore of Runeterra following the success of their Ruined King game. In the pipeline will be a story about Ekko in Zaun and Nunu in Freljord. The company will also look to challenge many established kings of their respective genres. Valorant was their answer to CS:GO, much like League of Legends was to DotA.

Two of their big projects that have been getting a lot of traction would be Project L, their fighting game set to compete against big names. Challenging Tekken, Street Fighter, or the NetherRealm games will be tough. Project F, on the other hand, will try and take the stage from ARPG giants like Diablo and Path of Exile.

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