Riot Games finally unveiled the next League of Legends champion, while it is a sneak-peak at the best. But it seems like the hot new release is full of promises. Players are definitely way too excited as the storyline started skipping the Ruination theme (like Viego, Akshan, and Gwen releases) to adopting new Arcane characters.

Zaun, who is LoL’s 158th champ was shown in Arcane’s Netflix teaser; sometime before Riot unveiled the minute details about the MOBA’s coming up marksman. Here is all that we know right now about the League of Legends Champion 158.

Very little information is available to us about the new LoL champion. One of the crucial pieces of information we don’t know is about the character’s appearance; as in the Arcane Netflix trailer, the character is mysterious. However, we do get a sneak peek at how the new character looks in action as it skyboards across Zaun and goes off to fight with the sisters Vi and Jinx with some kind of green electric attacks.

The recently released LoL champion roadmap, the latest League of Legends champions will possess quite a healthy dose of “sparky determination”. Additionally, they will be masked hence they will be hiding much more than what will meet the eyes.

There hasn’t been any official release that reveals the powers and abilities of Zaun ADC. Following the latest Riot’s League of Legends roadmap, the new character will be bringing along “the feeling of a shooter game”.

Such a remark suggests that we will be witnessing plenty of gun-based attacks. Ryan “Reav3” Mirales, Riot’s champion producer, said that the new Runeterra character will be available by late 2021. He added that it was going to be tied into Arcane’s premier event. However, due to “developmental changes”, they had to reschedule. Because of the ongoing developmental changes, we can expect Zaun ADC to be released by next year’s first half.

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