Leak: Forspoken – Final Boss + What we know so far

One of the first major AAA games of 2023, Forspoken has to be one of the most awaited titles this year. The game comes from the makers of the iconic Final Fantasy video game franchise. As the game nears its release, Forspoken has been hit by multiple leaks with the latest revealing the final boss villain. Here’s what we know so far about the game from the leaks.

Forspoken Final Boss leak

Before we get into the specifics of the leaks, keep in mind that there are spoilers ahead. The latest Forspoken leak is not just any image or plot information. Almost 20 minutes of key footage from the game has been leaked online on YouTube.

Forspoken final boss leak
Image courtesy of Square Enix
  • The footage includes the battle with the final boss which reveals a major twist in the game. In the footage, we start with a huge set piece where the protagonist Frey Holland rides a dragon and kills hordes of her enemies with fire. 
  • Frey uses her skills and abilities to battle the final boss as she insults him throughout. The final boss battle looks cinematic, unlike the game’s open-world play.

Previous Forspoken leak

Before the final boss leak, the entire first hour of Forspoken’s gameplay was leaked online. The video was screen-captured from PS5 gameplay. The leaked footage showed the initial cutscenes of the game, some gameplay footage, in-game items, combat, and more.

  • The leak ended up revealing much of the game’s flaws such as a cluttered user interface and the empty-looking open world of Athia. The video has been taken down by Luminous Productions, the team responsible for developing Forspoken.

Reactions and reviews

Despite a lot of hype for the game, the expectations for Forspoken have been gradually decreasing with each of these leaks or official demos.

  • The game has hefty PC requirements and uses Denuvo DRM. Regardless of this, the pre-order sales numbers are still impressive for Forspoken.
  • When the demo came out, players criticized Frey’s dialogue for being too cheesy. However, the leak has changed that as Frey feels more likable now.

  • Early reactions to the game say that the premise feels a little stereotypical for an open-world fantasy game. However, the game’s parkour system and flashy combat have received appreciation.

Forspoken release

Forspoken, codenamed Project Athia, is developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix. The game is set in the mythical world of Athia and follows the story of Frey who must navigate treacherous lands and harness her supernatural powers to survive. 

Image courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun
  • The game is expected to feature fast-paced, dynamic combat, an open-world environment, and stunning visuals. Forspoken is set to be released today on the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms.

Forspoken has been highly anticipated by gamers and critics alike, as it focuses on terrain traversal speed and fluidity. Have you pre-ordered Forspoken for your PC or PS5 yet?

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