Bronny James: LeBron shares New Photos with son at Dodgers game | Latest Update

Lebron james and bronny james in dodgers game

CALIFORNIA – Bronny James suddenly collapsed on the floor while working out with the USC Trojans before the season begins. The 18-year-old forward was immediately brought to the hospital and was treated in the ICU. The All-American baller committed to USC after graduating from Sierra Canyon. NBA insider Shams Charania was one of the first to report the incident. Three days later, Bronny was removed from the hospital and was said to be recovering well. A month after the heart attack scare, Bronny James alongside his father, LeBron James, was spotted attending a Los Angeles Dodgers game on Saturday.

LeBron James watches the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Miami Marlins with his whole family

LeBron and Savannah James pulled up in a Dodgers game along with their two sons, Bronny and Bryce. The celebrity family is spotted together in public again nearly a month after Bronny collapsed during a workout at the Galen’s Center at the University of Southern California. LBJ went to the game not just to watch the Dodgers take on the Marlins, but also to receive a $100,000 donation to the LeBron James Family Foundation from the Dodgers organization. Moreover, the Lakers superstar also received an honorary award with a special LeBron James bobblehead.

On the other hand, Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts honored LeBron’s presence with a salute to which the NBA star returned with a hat tip. From one legend to another! The Dodgers battled the Marlins in a back-to-back matchup. The Dodgers won the second game, 3-1. Meanwhile, Betts is a frontrunner in the MLB National League MVP race. He leads the Dodgers to the 76-47 record, the number 1 team in NL West.

Bronny James’s health update

Earlier this month, LeBron and Bronny were spotted visiting the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota following the young basketball star’s recent health issue. Mayo Clinic is known as one of the best hospitals both in the U.S. and the world. They specialize in treatment for cancer, cardiology, and heart surgery. Bronny’s visit would be an indicator of a path for his good recovery. However, as of this writing, the main reason behind Bronny’s collapse is still unknown.

Another son of an NBA legend, Shareef O’Neal, shed some positive news on Bronny’s health

Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef, had an interview with TMZ a while ago. He believes that Bronny will be able to recover and that this will not impact his NBA dreams.

“He’s good,” O’Neal commented. “I don’t think it’ll affect anything”. In 2018, O’Neal was diagnosed with an anomalous coronary artery forcing him to undergo open-heart surgery. O’Neal went on to have a full recovery and is looking for another year in the G-League. The former LSU star also hopes for a possible roster in an NBA soon.

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