LeBron x God of War: LBJ channels his inner Kratos in latest promotional video

From being The King of the NBA to being the God of War, there’s absolutely nothing LeBron James can’t do. Just last week, LeBron James and his son, Bronny, joined John Travolta and Ben Stiller in a comedic official trailer of God of War: Ragnarok. The three iconic celebrities managed to pull off a humorous sketch while focusing on advertising the latest installment in the God of War franchise.

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Now, hours after the video game was released, LBJ once again talks about Kratos in his latest promotional video. Kratos was known to father a child named Atreus or most famously known as “Boy”. In his video, James talks about how being a father is just like basketball while wearing the Kratos outfit – hilarious but amusing at the same time. Currently, LeBron’s promotional video on Twitter is breaking the internet.

“You gotta keep adding to the bag if you’re going to stay effective. Crossover, your jab steps, ‘Blades of Chaos.’ Parenthood isn’t just a half-court game. No, it’s full-court pressure.”

After his monologue, Bronny clapped back with a subtle trash-talk saying “I think this metaphor is as weak as your crossover.”

LeBron James as Kratos 1

King James also vowed to wear the outfit during Bronny’s games which left Bronny aghast. Wouldn’t it be amazing if LeBron really does wear the Kratos costume on the court? That would be a sight for sore eyes!

LeBron James as Kratos and Bronny James as Atreus

Kratos paving the way for his son, Atreus, is pretty similar to how LeBron is doing to Bronny. The father-son duo of LBJ and Bronny has been taking the spotlight ever since Bronny learned to play the sport of basketball.

Lebron and Bronny as Kratos and Atreus

In God of War, Kratos has been guiding his son throughout the whole series. Along the way, he teaches his son valuable lessons not just in fighting, but also in life as a whole. It may just be for publicity and promotion, but LeBron James could be the real-life Kratos, in a way. Should we call him #LeGodOfWar or #Lefatherhood?

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One of the most anticipated games of 2022, God of War: Ragnarok was just released yesterday, November 9. It is now available on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. And, as early as now, it’s really getting great reviews and is receiving nominations for game of the year.

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