Viego and Akshan, two upcoming champs heading to Legends of Runeterra in the eventual champion growth, have been confirmed by Riot Games!

Akshan x Legends of Runterra: July 14

  • The rogue Sentinel, Akshan, is a 2x Mana Shurima who specializes in invoking landmarks with lengthy countdowns and accelerating them for huge rewards. If you focus on alliances, his triggered landmarks progress. This renders him an excellent choice for any deck that frequently buffs its allies.

Viego x Legends of Runterra

  • Viego, the Ruined King, is a Shadow Isles champion with 5x Mana who gains strength as his allied forces perish. When he levels up, he transforms into an effective monster proficient in stealing opponents and killing enemy champs, as well as ending matches.

Sentinels of Light

Several Riot games, such as League of Legends and Wild Rift, are already running the Sentinels of Light episode. Once the 2.12 Update is released on July 14, the occasion in Legends of Runeterra will commence. You’ll be eligible to “Declare your allegiance” during the occasion and select between Viego and Akshan to obtain Event Pass bonuses.

Legends of Runeterra’s latest champ expansion is going to shake up the metagame yet again, with a fresh stack of cards and a huge number of adjustment shifts only recently launched. In the days leading up to the release, keep an eye out for more card additions!

Legends of Runeterra is a F2P game that can be downloaded and played on iOS, Android, and Windows PC. Each day, Riot will unveil a new card from the collection on the tactic website Mobalytics.

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