LEGO DC Super-Villains – 10 Coolest Characters

Today, we here at Spiel Times will be taking a look at the Top 10 Coolest Characters from the game, LEGO DC Super-Villains.

The LEGO DC franchise is one of the most popular and successful out of all the LEGO franchises. It received so much success that it even has its own videogame, LEGO DC Super-Villains.

What are LEGO DC Super-Villains?

LEGO DC Super-Villains is an action-adventure open-world Lego game developed by Traveller’s Tales. This game is a direct spin-off of the original series of LEGO Batman games and focuses instead on the supervillains in the same universe.

LEGO DC Super-Villains
Image Sourced from LEGO DC Supervillains Official Steam Page

As for the gameplay, it uses a third-person perspective and involves a classic beat-em-up playstyle. Furthermore, instead of using a known DC character, you play a custom character mainly. Similar to past games, you would have access to different iconic characters, this time, the ones in Batman’s Rogue Gallery.

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The Top 10 Coolest List

The game LEGO DC Super-Villains honestly has a lot of really iconic and cool characters that it will for sure be difficult to choose only ten of them. There are over 270 characters in the game, with some requiring more effort to unlock than others.

For our choices, we won’t only be limiting ourselves to Supervillains but also include some Superheroes as well. We’ll also be viewing all available characters in the DLC packs as well.

Our rankings here will be done based on the following factors:

  • Coolness. This is rated based on how a character looks, sounds, and acts in-game. Plus points if characters are based on iconic versions from comic books, tv shows, or movies!
  • Powers and Abilities. For this one, we will take a look at the battle moves of the characters, how they move around in combat, and of course how much a powerhouse they are!
  • Enjoyment Factor. Here we rate how fun it is to play the character, and how the playstyle fits their character’s power fantasy. The more it feels like you’re playing a supervillain/superhero the better!

10 – Batman (Batman: The Animated Series)

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 10 Coolest Characters
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • This Batman version wears his classic outfit as seen in the Batman: The Animated Series.
  • The voice as well behind this Batman is none other than the iconic Batman voice himself, Kevin Conroy.
  • Batman, despite being in Lego form, has his stern crime-fighting aura.
Powers and Abilities
  • Batman uses his iconic bat-themed weapon, the Batarang, against his enemies to take them down
  • His martial arts prowess makes combos and strikes feel very impactful and devastating in battle.
  • This Batman is capable of gliding using his cape after leaping elevated distances. This allows him to iconically swoop in to fight crime.
Enjoyment Factor
  • While he might not be as super-powered as others, his gadgets and martial-arts prowess is always a joy to see.
  • Playing as the iconic Caped Crusader with full-on Kevin Conroy voice-acting is perfect for any Batman fan.


9 – Lobo 

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 9
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • Lobo, the badass ruthless bounty hunter, is now in an adorable LEGO form.
  • While his grizzled and intimidating aura, he makes up for it in his gameplay.
  • His main weapons of choice here are his gun and a hook and chain. A very deadly combo!
Powers and Abilities
  • Lobo uses his big gun and hooks to cause some crazy damage with AOE attacks
  • For one attack, he swings around his hook and chain to make a whirlwind to shred anything in his path!
  • Lastly, Lobo is also capable of floating and gliding in the air but not by conventional means. He rides a Space Dolphin.
  • Yes. A Space Dolphin.
Enjoyment Factor
  • To fit the perfect bounty hunter experience, in-game there also exists a big hoverbike that he can ride on, the Spacehog.
  • Overall, this character lets you go crazy with his destructive capabilities and as well with unconventional abilities.
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8 – The Flash

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 8
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • The Flash dons his classic red and yellow outfit which looks perfect for him in the game.
  • This LEGO speedster gives off the good-hearted vibes of the Flash characters we know and love.
Powers and Abilities
  • He uses his iconic speed as his main weapon to slam against enemies or create high-speed whirlwinds.
  • The Flash is capable of gathering enough momentum to shred and knock over things that he dashes through. A force to be reckoned with!
Enjoyment Factor
  • Whenever the Flash moves around, he leaves off electric light trails and afterimages which ally cool detail that they perfectly executed.
  • While this version of the Flash might not be the fastest, his quickness combined with the extra details gives off the vibe that you are really moving fast.

7 – Raven

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 7
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • Raven shrouds herself in her classic Purple Cloak, which looks very nice LEGO-fied.
  • Raven’s dark and brooding personality is done right and reflects on the LEGO model as well whenever she’s covered up in her cloak
Powers and Abilities
  • Raven has one of the cooler abilities in the game, she is capable of shooting dark energy beams that you aim with your controller.
  • She can also shoot out raven-shaped energy projectiles to cause major damage.
  • Raven can also defend herself by deflecting projectiles and beams.
  • Lastly, she can use her powers to do a super jump and fly on her own!
Enjoyment Factor
  • With Raven’s playstyle alongside her flowing costume, you really feel as if you’re playing a dark superhero!
  • The way the cloak is animated and used in-game is superb. It is eye-candy whenever Raven is soaring through the air.

6 – Deathstroke

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 6
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • Deathstroke appears in this game in his orange and black costume, a bit similar to the Arkham-Verse attire he has.
  • This deadly assassin is shown carrying a multitude of weapons in his arsenal, from that you know he is a legitimate threat.
  • He also has a standoffish attitude that fans would recognize.
Powers and Abilities
  • Deathstroke has a weapon for every scenario, ranging from a long-range sniper rifle to his deadly melee katana.
  • Deathstroke uses his iconic katanas to sand lash destroy anything in his path in one fell swoop.
  • While running, you move faster than the average character, showing his expertise as an assassin.
Enjoyment Factor
  • LEGO Deathstroke is surprisingly accurate and one of the best videogame adaptations of his character.
  • It’s fun to Deathstroke’s combination of powerful guns and deadly swordsmanship wreak havoc.
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5 – Starfire

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 5
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • Starfire looks good in her LEGO version but looks even better whenever she uses her abilities.
  • Whenever she flies, her hair glows with a pink flowing flame and she also leaves an energy trail behind her.
Powers and Abilities
  • She has the super-strength to smash walls and lift objects like cars.
  • Starfire uses her energy to grant herself flight and a hyper jump. While flying her hair also glows in pink glowing flame.
  • In addition, Starfire can also use her energy to shoot eye lasers and make energy forcefields.
Enjoyment Factor
  • The small details add to her character and definitely improve her enjoyment while playing a lot.
  • Starfire is a powerful character that allows you to feel the fun and excitement of shooting energy beams and blast while flying in the sky.

4 – Darkseid

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 4
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • This big and menacing figure is a force to be reckoned with, but in LEGO form, he looks slightly more adorable.
  • The body language of Darkseid really sells his personality of being a dominant conqueror. Plus points for getting that detail.
Powers and Abilities
  • It wouldn’t be Darkseid without his Omega Beams of course! His beams look brilliant and are controllable as well.
  • Darkseid also has the power to command goons to do his bidding. Fitting for a conqueror!
  • Other abilities of his include flight, a super jump, as well as super strength on par with Superman himself!
Enjoyment Factor
  • Darkseid’s invulnerability is a double edge sword. While fun at times to be a walking disaster, at times it does feel too unfair of a character.
  • Darkseid overall is a character that you play to feel like a force of nature that can’t be stopped. Perfect to let loose and go nuts and do evil.

3 –  Clayface

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 3
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • Clayface in this game uses his melted mud-like appearance which looks gorgeous in LEGO form!
  • This version of his character looks very accurate and allows him to be super recognizable despite not being the main popular villain of Batman.
  • Whenever Clayface uses his abilities or fights, little brown blocks fly everywhere, as if he were actually covered in mud. Cool!
Powers and Abilities
  • Clayface has a unique ability in the game to shrink or grow in size. His model will also change depending on this.
  • When big, Clayface also has super strength which allows him to throw cars, smash through walls, and destroy objects.
  • Clayface is also immune to fire and toxic pits while in his big form.
  • Lastly, he also has a unique super move where he rolls himself into a big ball that destroys everything in his path!
Enjoyment Factor
  • Playing Clayface makes you truly feel like an amorphous blob supervillain with all his unique morphing abilities.
  • Clayface unfortunately does not have his shapeshifting powers but makes up for it in his combat ability.
  • Using Clayface and seeing all the mud particles and bricks fly is so satisfying.
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2 – Superman

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 2
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • This Superman is in his classic red and blue suit with red underwear.
  • Superman has the added bonus of being able to switch costumes with his powerless alter ego, Clark Kent!
  • He also has his Boy Scout personality which is evident in his idle animations and voice lines.
Powers and Abilities
  • Similar to Darkseid, Superman is also invulnerable to any form of damage. Truly the Man of Steel!
  • Armed with both heat vision and ice breath, you can use your controller to freeze or incinerate anything in your path.
  • Superman also has his classic powers of flight as well as super strength that allow him to lift and break objects.
Enjoyment Factor
  • Flying around with Superman is a relaxing and nostalgic feeling that fits the superhero power fantasy.
  • Similar to Darkseid, it does feel a bit overpowered to be invulnerable, but it is fun to swoop in as an indestructible good guy from time to time.
  • This version of Superman makes you feel like a true protector of Earth, keeping humanity safe as you soar through the skies.

1 – Joker (Batman: The Animated Series)

LEGO DC Super-Villains - 1
Image Screengrabbed from Throneful YouTube Channel
  • This Joker is voiced by none other than the Legendary Mark Hamill himself!
  • This Joker is clad in his iconic Batman: The Animated Series design for maximum nostalgia.
  • This devilish character looks adorable in LEGO form, but be warned he is still very much the destructive criminal that we all know!
  • The animations, sound design, and even the moveset all make this character truly the Clown Prince of Crime.
Powers and Abilities
  • The Joker’s main ability to deal damage is with his trusty revolver which is quite deadly.
  • His combat involves a lot of trickery and explosives, perfect for this Crazy Clown!
  • As a special move, the Joker can summon a Joker plane, a controllable drone, that is actually a bomb that can be detonated.
  • The Joker in this game is also capable of flight but in the most fitting way possible. He uses a Joker Jet-pack to soar through the skies!
Enjoyment Factor
  • Playing as the Joker in LEGO DC Super-Villains is honestly such a treat with all the effort to detail they put into it.
  • Hearing the voice of Mark Hamill is the cherry on top when using this character.
  • With a fun and interactive playstyle plus moveset, using the Joker always ensures an explosive chaotic, but exciting time playing.
  • It’s a pleasant surprise as well that this character has one of the best flight abilities. Plus points for that!
  • Last but not the least, you’re the Joker baby!
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Honorable Mentions:

Some honorable mentions that didn’t fit the Top 10 are the following characters:

  • Two-face – This classic villain of Batman’s Rogue Gallery also makes use of his coin-flipping gimmick. He wreaks havoc using his guns as well as a rocket launcher.
  • Cat WomanAnother villain from Batman’s Rogue Gallery, she has a special ability that summons her cat, Isis, as a controllable unit.
  • Artemis/Tigress – This superhero also has an alter-ego with different weapons, allowing her to switch styles mid-battle. She can switch from the bow-wielding Artemis to the dangerous sword-user Tigress.

LEGO DC Super-Villains is out and currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the macOS. A Deluxe Edition is also available for purchase which contains additional season pass content.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our picks? Or maybe you think we forgot to mention someone? Comment down below!

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If you have any questions regarding the LEGO DC Super-Villain or any upcoming LEGO releases, feel free to drop them in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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