LEGO: Modular Buildings 2023 teaser reveal – What we know so far

It’s the holiday season, meaning we’re close to seeing the latest addition to the popular Lego Modular Buildings series. These Lego products cater to adult collectors who love building their cities and sandboxes for display. Last year, we received the quaint Boutique Hotel, which featured many odes to the sets of the past.

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With teases being revealed and leaked from several sources, it looks like we’ve confirmed the next addition. We seem to be getting a Pizzeria and Jazz Club combination for the next release.

The Confirmation

Companies and content creators have gotten promotional material for the upcoming modular piece. The website Zusammengebaut, known for its giveaways, confirmed the jazz club and pizzeria. YouTuber Solid Brix also recently received a package for the new item, though he has not publicly revealed it yet.

The Jazz club is the perfect place to host some of their recent releases. There is a lot of creativity collectors can go for with this pizzeria combination. It’s set to release on January 1, which means the reveal is imminent.

The Add-On

The 15th anniversary Boutique Hotel featured a preorder bonus. Many collectors got the 40532 Vintage Taxi which matched well with the hotel, accompanying it by the roadside. There are rumors the pizzeria and jazz club combo will have a freebie. It’s said to be a pizza delivery van, following in the footsteps of last year. It looks like these vehicle freebies may be the trend moving forward.

Revealing it may entice collectors who are on the fence to buy. The free add-ons usually extra cost if you want to include them. However, they might place a restriction, like the previous year’s $200 requirement. We might even see it rise to $230 this year due to inflation and whatnot.

Continuing the Modular Success

The Lego Company treats its adult collectors well, as they are some of its strongest buyers. The Boutique hotel featured the first triangular geometry for the set. It also featured stickers and brick-style Legos akin to modular sets of the past.

The first Modular piece was released in 2007 and was the Café Corner. The initial design changed a lot due to fan feedback, leading it to become the iconic Denmark-style building. From there, they released the first modular with a garage, the Fire Brigade, increasing its size to two floors.

The tallest modular ever released was The Town Hall which featured an expandable elevator. The iconic 2017 Assembly Hall had the highest in piece count at the time. It was the first modular building that went beyond the standard base.

The modular collection has also spurred a lot of displays over the years. You might have seen the convention, which has sprawling towns and cities thanks to modular buildings and other Lego sets.

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