LEGO x Fortnite: What we know so far

Anyone’s asking for a collaboration? You came to the right place, and basically, these two got the perfect time to make one. LEGO x Fortnite is happening, are you ready to get into building LEGOs, players? If you have been a fan of the battle royale video game, and the building blocks company, you should want to start saving for the upcoming collaboration.

Earlier this year, the two companies announced a long-term partnership to keep the future of metaverse safe, fun, and enjoyable for kids and families. They mentioned building “an immersive, creatively inspiring, and engaging digital experience for kids of all ages to enjoy together”. Shall we see what is coming to us, then?

LEGO x Fortnite

So here’s what we know so far about the LEGO x Fortnite collaboration. Since Epic Games and LEGO had a partnership since April, if we can remember correctly, this would be their first project.

  • Apparently, the rumor started a day ago with Instagram user @greekbricks_ posting details about the LEGO x Fortnite set. This new rumor made it to Reddit where fans are excited as we are!
  • Fortnite fans expect numerous Minifigures of the game’s characters, and some do hint that the set includes building the Battle Bus! Under the comments of the Reddit post, fans have been expressing their sentiments and may be expecting new cosmetics coming to Fortnite too.
LEGO x Fortnite
Image Courtesy of @greekbricks_ via Instagram
  • Well, Fortnite is known to release new skins and cosmetics when they have collaborations. Hmm, maybe we’ll get a few cosmetics on the way before they release the LEGO x Fortnite set, let’s see! Going back, @greekbricks_ shared that the possible release date of the LEGO x Fortnite collaboration set would be next year, around April 2023. Moreover, the price may retail at $250 per set purchase.
  • Each set should include 2712 LEGO pieces to build, and Jonsey Minifigures are included as well. There’s no update as of today about this rumor, but we’ll wait for the official announcement of both sides. We can’t wait to start building!

Other LEGO and Fortnite events

While we wait for the coming of the LEGO x Fortnite set, you may want to tune in to the latest events of LEGO and Fortnite. We’ll briefly discuss them with you below, so enjoy!

LEGO x Fortnite, other events for lego
Image Courtesy of LEGO
  • On the other hand, Fortnite has begun Chapter 3, Season 4 entitled Paradise. On the season description: A mysterious substance has appeared on the Island. Chrome will consume all, Chrome will be all. Embrace the Chrome by turning structures Chrome, making yourself Chrome, and proving the power of Chrome weapons.
  • So you may encounter enemies made in Chrome, and not even wood, brick, stone, or metal could defeat it. The only way to do this is to Chrome-ify yourselves before you engage in a battle.
LEGO x Fortnite, other events
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Additionally, Spider-Gwen is coming to Fortnite along with other new characters for this season. So what are you waiting for? You can purchase the Battle Pass if you have the budget to do so! Also, you may read over here to know more about what’s new this Season 4!

That’s all we have now, players! Let’s get building!

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