Lethe: Survival Horror by Koukou Studios Releases Today


Grab it before everyone else!

This year’s video-games are taking the gaming era to a whole new level. Today is August 1 and also the release date of Koukou Studios’ Lethe: Episode 1.

Lethe is a first person adventure with survival horror elements. You play as Robert Dawn, a journalist with an unremarkable career, crushed under the debts of his deceased step-father who tries to hunt down his origins. Further in the game you’ll come in contact with an unknown substance and develop psychokinetic abilities. The game shows potential, and we’re looking forward to write a review very soon.

Lethe has been there since 2011 since Koukou Studios’ founder John E. Koukourakis was very active in the modding scene. The game took a huge turn when Rick Faber, co-founder of Koukou Studios and founder of Faber Interactive joined the team in 2012.

The team was active in the modding scene since early 2000’s. But it wasn’t before 2012 when they decided to make their passion a profession. In a recent developer blog post, Rick Faber said –

We started from nothing and financially supported Lethe’s development completely on our own. Many times by doing one or two other jobs. We had no publishers, investors or paid promotion campaigns either, yet we managed to create a quality experience that meets our expectations.

The team was quite surprised by the positive response when they released the Lethe Reveal Trailer back in 2014.  Since then, they’ve made double efforts to create a full commercial release. It was originally planned for 2015, but due to failed publisher-talks, road-blocks and many obstacles, they pushed it to 2016.

Lethe: Episode 1 released today i.e. August 1 and is available on Steam for 494 INR including 10% discount, available for the first week. Once the offer’s over, you can get it for 549 INR.

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