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Wordle, a word puzzle game that produces a new challenge once a day, is the newest game to sweep the internet and clog up Twitter feeds with emojis. As a result of the game’s rapid online popularity, a number of spinoffs have emerged, including Lewdle.

Wordle Spin-Off

Lewdle as well as the original Wordle is a brainteaser that falls between a crossword puzzle and a sudoku puzzle. The principle of Wordle will be instantly apparent to anyone who has played the game Mastermind, which uses colored pegs.

The goal of Wordle is to guess the hidden word in six tries. This is for you to manage a sequence of suggestions to do so. The goal of Lewdle is the same, but instead of normal words, all of the words are nasty.

If any of your letters are highlighted in green, it implies you’ve placed the correct letter in the correct location.

If any of the letters are in yellow, it signifies that the letter is present in the word but in the incorrect location. If any of your letters are highlighted in grey, that letter isn’t included in the secret word.

You must also predict a word; you cannot enter random letters, such as vowels, in the hopes of deciphering the code. There is only one puzzle per day, so once you finish one, you’ll have to wait until the next day to try another.

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