Liar Liar Anime: Teaser trailer + What we know so far

The coming anime adaptation of Haruki Kuo‘s Liar Liar light novel released a teaser visual. And trailer along with cast information. Studio GEEKTOYS will be animating it. Liar Liar anime is premiering in 2023.

Let’s give a look into this thrilling high school anime world.

Liar Liar Anime adaptation


One needs to be confident while lying to make it believable to the majority. And that’s precisely what landed Hiroto Shinohara, the protagonist of ‘Liar Liar,’ in his life’s greatest tragedy.

Will this Hiroto’s misdirection work? Will this lazy guy who needed to be under a crowd character have the option to endure high school like this? The only way to find out is through the anime.

liar liar anime new visual
Liar Liar anime Teaser Visual | Image courtesy of @liar2_official on Twitter

Possible Plot/Storyline of Liar Liar anime

 light novel
Image Courtesy of the Official Youtube Channel

The story is set on an artificial island called ‘Academy,’ built by a financial corporation to raise new elites. To carry out this plan, the company created a super high-class private school that trained children in the ways of high society.

  • What’s interesting about this school is that everything is settled through ‘Games‘ wages for a certain number of stars. Those with a single star are at the bottom, and one needs to obtain seven stars to rule at the top. Which can only be a single person.
  • Following his transfer to this school during his second year, Hiroto (the main character) lands himself in trouble. And, becomes the strongest student gaining seven stars.

In order to spend his remaining time at the school in peace, Hiroto puts up a brave face and goes on with this lie of being a super rookie.

Main cast and Staff members 

The franchise has also revealed the three main cast members who’ll be playing the roles of Hiroto, Shirayuki, and Sarasa, as featured in the key visual. They are as follows:

Character Cast Other Works
Hiroto Shinohara Genta Nakamura Zhang Liao Sotheby (SD Gundam World Heroes)
Shirayuki Himeji Yukina Shutō Haru Urara (Uma Musume Pretty Derby)
Sarasa Saionji Wakana Kuramochi Caph (The Duke of Death and His Maid)


all liar characters
Characters visuals of Hiroto Shinohara, Shirayuki Himeji, Sarasa Saionji | via Crunchyroll

Here’s the staff that will be working to make this anime top-notch:

Position Staff Other Works
Director Satoru Ono, Naoki Matusuura Girls’ Frontline
Scriptwriter Momoko Toyoda Shadows House
Character Designer Yuki Nakamura Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (OVA)
Music Composer uniyuki Takahashi, Keiichi Hirokawa (from MONACA) Monster Strike
Animation Production GEEK TOYS Date A Bullet


Is Liar Liar similar to Classroom of the Elite?

classroom of the elite season 3
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

The story of Sherlock and Moriarty (in Moriarty the Patriot anime) has proved that psychological warfare among geniuses never fails to fascinate us. The plot may seem similar to that of Classroom of the Elite but will have many more ecchi elements in it.

Since the release of Classroom of the Elite Season 3 has time. I would suggest you keep yourself occupied with this new Liar Liar anime. From school life romance to grave rivalries, it has everything that you are looking for.


liar liar anime adaptation
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

Liar Liar light novel series began in 2019 with 11 volumes till July 2022. A manga adaptation inspired by the story is done by Funa Yukina.

Crunchyroll depicts the story of Liar Liar anime as:

“Academy” is a school island where students compete against each other in a duel called “game” to determine their rank. Hiroto Shinohara got the top score ever in the entrance exam to the school island, which is the most difficualt in Japan, and beat last year’s absolute champion, Sarasa Saionji, on the first day of transferring to the school. He becomes the “Seven Star,” who reigns supreme, faster than any other in history. In order for him to fulfill his purpose on the island, he has to stay at the top even if it’s a lie.”

Sources: Official Website, Offical Twitter Account, Crunchyroll, Kadokawa Youtube Channel

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