Lies of P Game Demo: How to Play + Release Date

Round8 Studio’s Lies of P is a weird but creative spin on the century old tale Pinocchio by mixing it up with the soulslike genre. From the looks of the game, it is set in Victorian era where the main character goes around slaying mechanical monsters to get closer to the truth. It was first unveiled at Gamescom on 19th of May 2021. Since then, many narrative and gameplay trailers have emerged on the internet, with a demo for Lies of P available for players to try out. The title receives heavy anticipation from Bloodborne fans because of the similar vibes with it’s gritty tone and menacing bosses.

Announcement Trailer Analysis

The game follows protagonist Pinocchio, a half puppet half boy who journeys across the fictional city of Krat. Borrowing from the original literary work, this one also seems to have a maker or father who artificially creates the mechanized puppet and then gives life to it.

  • We are speculating the story to be one of conflict between this maker and the central character.
  • From the environmental aesthetics of elements like architectures, attires and ornaments it is evident that the plot is set somewhere in an English city of mid to late 1800s.
  • Expect large scale bosses and wide selection of weapons just like a regular Soulslike game.

Gameplay Analysis

The gameplay demo gives us a good idea of the look and feel.

  • Combat plays out like any other souls game with heavy weightage on each attacks and satisfying parry mechanics.
  • Enemies like foot soldiers ranging from easy to mid difficulty fills majority of the in game world. There are occasional treasure chests lying around with rewards and resources that you can find.
  • Pinocchio wields a melee weapon in his right hand while using the other prosthetic arm as a ranged weapon or a tool required for completing certain tasks within the game. The HUD also appears like a traditional souls game.
  • One thing blatantly clear from the demo is that you are going to die a lot of times. So if you are prone to rage quits, you should think twice before trying the game.

Announcements on Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Fest dropped the World Premier Trailer for Lies of P on June 8th, 2023. Check it out below.

From the trailer, we can observe a number of areas like the city of Krat, a dismembered puppet filled wasteland and a circus entrance. Along with that there are a variety of spine chilling bosses, one of which clearly resembles the Frankenstein monster.

As we see a train, it might be a possible mode of transport in game. Most notably, we see a blue haired female character who can be the potential love interest of our main character. The trailer features a French soundtrack named Fascination by artist Maya Barsony.

Lies of P releases on September 19th, 2023 across platforms like Playstation (PS4, PS5), Xbox (Series X/S, Xbox One) and PC (Steam). It is also coming to the Xbox Game Pass on release day.

A Gameplay Demo is available right now on all the above mentioned platforms for you to play.

  • It is a two-hour demo where you can fight up to 3 bosses.
  • You can freely explore the areas available, as the demo does not limit you by ending itself once you reach it’s end.
  • You can get ready for the game by playing the demo and decide if the game is right for you.

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