DontNod’s Life is Strange has a sequel scheduled for September 27th of this year. The sequel, Life is Strange 2 was initially announced in June through a “logo reveal” trailer and a more proper teaser has appeared just today.

The following teaser is a recorded footage from the inside of police officer Matthews’s patrol car, where things start to get messy. The events hinted in the teaser takes place exactly three years later to the events of the initial game.

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A detailed trailer is yet to come, and the date mentioned is August 20th. We don’t know much of the plot just yet, but developers will throw some light on it very soon.

Square Enix recently published a spin-off game, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, set in the Life is Strange universe, that follows the story of Chris, a 10-year old who’ll have a major role in the upcoming game.

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