Dontnod Entertaintment, the studio behind some of this year’s biggest hits such as Vampyr and the Life is Strange games are planning to expand to a brand new studio.

This exciting news comes from a resetera thread, which states that the new studio will be opening in Montreal and will be working on a new original IP.

This is what Oskar Guilbert, President, and CEO of Dontnod had to say about this new endeavor.

We are extremely pleased with the creation of our subsidiary in Montreal. The opening of this entity will allow us to add a new production chain in addition to our teams based in France and already recognized internationally for the quality of their achievements. With its dynamism and a very large pool of qualified talent, Montreal is the ideal place to accelerate our development with a new project and to tell new captivating stories to our players

Dontnod is currently working on Tell me Why and Twin Mirror, both of which are slated to release this year.