Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind Vampyr, Remember Me and the Life is Strange franchise recently revealed their financial results for the year 2019.

Their last release was Life is Strange 2, and now the studio is currently hard at work in bringing us Tell me Why and Twin Mirror.

Tell Me Why is an episodic adventure just like the Life is Strange series and is a collaboration between Dontnod and Xbox Game Studios. It’s scheduled to release sometime this summer.

Twin Mirror is the first self-published game from the French studio and is also scheduled to release sometime in 2020, however, we are not aware of any release window as of this writing.

However, Twin Mirror’s twitter has been teasing that a new trailer or update will be coming soon.

What’s interesting to note here is that Dontnod is also working on two other projects, which they listed out in their financial information.

The first is codenamed “Project 8” which is a collaborative affair with publisher FOCUS Home Interactive. Dontnod has earlier worked with this studio to develop and ship Vamypr, which the studio later announced was a commercial success as it shipped over 1 million copies.

Last year, FOCUS Home Interactive announced that they are working yet again with Dontnod for a new title (Project 8), which “promises to be one of the most ambitious in the history of the publisher and the studio.”

What we didn’t know about, however, is this new title, codenamed “Project 7”, which is now in pre-production and whose IP rights belong to Dontonod itself, which makes it more exciting.

In other news, the studio is also expanding its horizon by opening a brand new office in Montreal. The Montreal team is supposedly working on either of the two unannounced games, about which we may not be hearing about anytime soon.