A brand new lightweight model of Sony PS5 is coming our way. It was first revealed by several Japanese retailers and it was said to be the CFI-1200 model. But according to Press Start, Australia is the first country ahead in the world to get the new model. While in Japan, the release date in their country is going to be next week on September 15, Thursday.

The rest of the world has no official release date yet besides the two countries mentioned. Therefore, the people in Australia who got the new model have already made comparisons with the previous models of the PS5. As this CFI-1200 model was said to have a lighter weight than the others.

There could be people thinking on what could be the weight difference between the CFI-1200 to the other models. This could also be the lightweight model you are looking to buy next soon. So let’s take a look at its comparisons and see if it is better than the old models.

Comparing the lightweight PS5 to the previous models

The weight difference

Sony has been doing a lot of revisions for their PS5 models. As they are also trying to lose weight on every new model they release. One of the reasons would be is for the players not to feel hassle in carrying it.

Image Courtesy of Sony
2021 model version 
  • The digital console weighs 3.6 kilograms (7.9 pounds).
  • While the disc console weighs a little more at 4.2 kilograms (9.2 pounds). This model with a disc console is usually heavier because the disc port is intact with the main board.
New 2022 model version 
  • The digital console is now 3.4 kilograms (7.5 pounds) which is about less than 0.2 kilograms.
  • Then its disc console is also now 3.9 kilograms (8.6 pounds) which has a little bit more weight loss than the digital. It is less than 0.3 kilograms from the 2021 version.

Moreover, there are no stated differences in the specs of the old and new models. So both of the specs could be just the same except for the new lighter weight of the models. If choosing between the models, this 2022 version could be better since it can be brought easier.

But we are still going to see more reviews about it once it is out all over the world. You may also want to see it for yourself if you have plans to buy it soon.

Where to buy the new PS5?

There are no announcements about where to buy it yet. Players can anticipate the worldwide release date of this new model could be in the last quarter of 2023 or the first quarter of 2024. However, you may expect it to be out on the official website of PlayStation and in Sony stores all over the world.

You may also have to expect the price to be higher. As per Forbes, there is going to be a 10% price hike in Sony PS5 consoles in various countries outside the U.S. So save money now and keep your wallets ready once it’s out.

Make sure to follow their official social media accounts to know the latest announcements about this new lightweight PS5. Let us just wait for now for its worldwide release as they might showcase it as well.

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