Limbo Commodore 64 Looks Good; Might Release Around 2024

INSIDE and Limbo. These are the sweet side-scrolling indie games I’ve played with extreme joy and enthusiasm. Playdead has done a beautiful job crafting both the games the way they were meant to be.

Just today, I stumbled upon a short gameplay video of Limbo. Not the PC, PS4 or Xbox version of it, but a  Commodore 64 version. Don’t know what a Commodore 64 is? Well, the Commodore 64 was a bestselling, 8-bit home computer from the 1980s. More info – Click here.

Yes. Limbo is coming with its very own Commodore 64 version, which means, 8-bit dark atmospheric adventure. The trailer shows scenes from the actual game in sweet 8-bit graphics and sound. Take a look –

Søren Trautner Madsen, Game Programmer at Playdead is solo working on this project. Here’s what he has to say –

“Actual gameplay (though zoomed in a bit occasionally) from my constant but slowly evolving Commodore 64 remake of LIMBO. Now don’t get your hopes too high. Even though I have the blessing of Playdead for doing this, I am working full time on Playdead’s next project, so I only have my precious spare time to use. But… maybe sometime around 2024?”

The game might come around 2024, but that’s not certain yet. We’ll keep an eye on Limbo 64 and constantly update with newer details. What do you think about the 8-bit transformation? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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