List of All DU Delhi University PGs, Hostels, and Flats
Courtesy of DU Admissions

In our last article, we reported that the University of Delhi is reopening from February 17. Turns it, the birds were right. Delhi University released an official notice mentioning the same, and yes, colleges are finally reopening.

With the reopening of colleges, students from all across the country will swarm into Delhi making it full of life after almost one and a half years. The hunt for accommodations has already begun and here’s a list of all DU Delhi University PGs, Hostels, and Flats to look out for.

Where’s the list of PGs, Hostels, and Flats?

Instead of me listing the accommodations, I’ll allow all landlords to comment on this article and promote their residencies. Now, here’s how we’ll do it –

  1. Landlords will comment and promote their places. But the comments won’t be visible at first.
  2. We’ll hide those comments, have a chat with the landlords, and verify their properties.
  3. Once we know the properties are real, safe, and worth your money, we’ll approve those comments.
  4. From the comments that get approved, we’ll feature the top properties at the top of this article.

So, what should I do now?

Let every property-holder comment first, till then, save this article (copy its link and keep it in your notes). We’ll update this as soon as we have some comments so that you can decide where to stay during your college life at DU.

Share it with your friends and family who might be on the lookout for places to stay in Delhi.

How will I know when the list is updated?

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