Little Nightmares 3: Release Date, Platforms, and More

Little Nightmares 3: Release Date, Platforms, and More

If you’re a fan of creepy puzzle platformers, get hyped – a new Little Nightmares game is headed your way! Bandai Namco unveiled Little Nightmares 3 during their 2023 Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase. Given the cult following this eerie franchise has built, the news of a third installment arriving in 2024 is massive for fans. Let’s dive into the key details revealed so far about what people can expect from Little Nightmares 3 along with the release date, available platforms, and the story plot.

Release Date of Little Nightmares 3

release date for Little Nightmares 3 is set for 2024
Little Nightmares 3 (Image by Bandai Namco)

The precise release date is still a mystery, but Bandai Namco confirmed Little Nightmares 3 is slated for sometime in 2024. The announcement trailer pegged it as hitting next year. So fans likely have at least 12 months to eagerly await the next spooky adventure.

Hopefully, as 2024 draws nearer, Bandai Namco will reveal an exact date for gamers to mark on their calendar. For now, all that’s known is to expect Little Nightmares 3 at some point next year.

Which Platforms Will Little Nightmares 3 Launch On?

The good news is Little Nightmares 3 is headed to all current and last-gen consoles, plus PC and Switch. So most players will get the chance to check it out. Specifically, the sequel is releasing on:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC

By targeting both the latest and previous generation of systems, as well as PC and Switch, Bandai Namco ensures that anyone who’s interested can join in on the scares. No one gets left out of the nightmare.

What Does Little Nightmares 3’s Gameplay and Story Plot Look Like?

If you’ve played the first two Little Nightmares games, the core creepy puzzle platforming will feel familiar. But Little Nightmares 3 plans to shake things up too.

  • For the first time, the sequel will include online co-op. This allows two players to team up and take on the horrors together. You’ll play as one of two fresh characters, Low or Alone.
  • The game seems inspired by Little Nightmares 2’s approach of letting you control a young boy and girl. Solo players can still get the full experience too, with AI managing the other character.
  • Story-wise, you’ll travel through an area known as The Spiral, packed with puzzles and menacing threats like some kind of freaky monster baby. Solving puzzles and sneaking around will be essential to survive.

Each character wields their own specific tools, like Low’s bow and arrow or Alone’s wrench, that are likely key to solving puzzles during their quest to escape.

Why Developer Supermassive Games is an Intriguing Choice

While Tarsier Studios created the first two games, Bandai Namco has passed the torch to Supermassive Games for the threequel. This may seem like an odd fit at first glance.

  • But Supermassive has made its name on cinematic horror titles like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures games. Those narrative-driven horror experiences excel at crafting tense, frightening moments.
  • With their clear horror expertise, Supermassive seems a natural choice to take the reins for the next Little Nightmares chapter. Their background suggests this could be the biggest and scariest installment yet.

The Announcement Trailer Establishes an Ominous Tone

Bandai Namco unveiled the first Little Nightmares 3 teaser during their Gamescom Opening Night Live event. The brief 90-second trailer may not give much away but effectively establishes the creepy vibe fans can expect.

We get quick shots of Low and Alone exploring eerie ruins and running from unseen threats. The shadowy visuals and disturbing music quickly build a dark, tense atmosphere.

While light on specifics, the trailer captures Little Nightmares’ signature unsettling feel. It lays the groundwork to get fans pumped for the scares and tension the sequel will deliver.

Little Nightmares 3 Shapes Up as an Exciting Next Chapter

When it arrives sometime next year, Little Nightmares 3 seems primed to deliver the immersive horror experience fans crave from the series. The new co-op opens up gameplay possibilities to amplify the scares in thrilling ways. And Supermassive Games’ involvement indicates this could be the most intense and ambitious title yet.

Platformer enthusiasts and horror buffs alike should be eager to confront the next round of spooky surprises Little Nightmares has in store. This frightful sequel is gearing up to be a can’t-miss entry that will leave fans begging for more.

So get ready to confront your fears when Little Nightmares 3 hits all major gaming platforms next year. This next chapter is set to be the biggest and best yet that no fan will want to miss!

If you have any further questions about the story plot, release date, and platforms for Little Nightmares 3, comment below. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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