Little Nightmares 3: Who are Low and Alone? | Differences from Six and Mono

Little Nightmares 3: Who are Low and Alone? | Differences from Six and Mono

Fans are naturally excited about the announcement of Little Nightmares 3. Along with it, the reveal of two fresh new characters has perked up their interests by a mile. Today, we are going to take a closer look at these new characters named Low and Alone in Little Nightmares 3 and compare them with the older playable characters of Six and Mono. Strap yourself for the analysis as we discover more about these characters throughout this article.

The World of Little Nightmares

The terrifying universe of Little Nightmares is filled with horrors from our childhood. To serve as a reminder of our fears, we are put into the shoes of child-like characters in an unsettling journey against towering ominous creatures through perilous landscapes.

  • Many of these terrifying creatures are just grown up human beings but often their appearances are disfigured and upsetting.
  • The atmosphere of the game is equally gloomy and depressing to inject the sense of dread and helplessness into the players.

All about the Characters from Little Nightmares Universe


Little Nightmares 3: Who are Low and Alone? | Differences from Six and Mono - Six
Courtesy of Tarsier Studios via Twitter
  • We play as Six in the very first instalment of the series. She is a little girl wearing a yellow raincoat who traverses through the submersible vessel called the Maw. We can see that she is inflicted with severe bouts of hunger from time to time.
  • In the first game, she is alone in her journey and has to face the dangers all by herself. Timeline-wise, the incidents of the first game are taking place after the conclusion of the second game Little Nightmares 2.
  • As a result, she has already betrayed her companion Mono and now has to travel alone. Throughout her journey, she escapes the clutches of the grotesque gluttonous guests along with other enemies like the blind Janitor, Twin Chefs and many more.
  • In the end, she defeats the masked lady with a mirror and claims her power while ending the game by draining the life out of the guests in a villainous act.


Little Nightmares 3: Who are Low and Alone? | Differences from Six and Mono - Mono
Courtesy of Wallpaper Cave
  • Mono is the protagonist we play as in Little Nightmares 2. Towards the beginning of the game, he meets and saves Six from confinement while the two of them continue to assist each other and journey together from that point.
  • He saves Six multiple times throughout their quest, but sadly, he is betrayed by Six in the end.
  • In a shocking reveal at the conclusion of the game, we find out that Mono himself is the primary antagonist of the game known as the Thin Man. The whole game was a failed attempt to save himself by bending the time but the timeloop continues to go on.


Little Nightmares 3: Who are Low and Alone? | Differences from Six and Mono - Low
Screengrab Courtesy of Bandai Namco via YouTube
  • Low is going to be one of the playable characters in the upcoming title Little Nightmares 3. He wears a raven-like mask, giving him an appearance like the plague doctor whom we often associate with death.
  • He will be able to wield a bow and arrow that should help him out in a number of situations.
  • From the trailer, it appears that he has some kind of power that allows him to use the mirrors as a portal. He is also able to take his companion through the mirror by holding her hands.


Little Nightmares 3: Who are Low and Alone? | Differences from Six and Mono - Alone
Screengrab Courtesy of Bandai Namco via YouTube
  • Alone is the female kid that the players will be able to control in Little Nightmares 3.
  • She is wearing an airplane pilot’s helmet while wielding a wrench with her. This can be a useful item similar to Low’s bow and arrow.
  • Alone’s outfit is strikingly similar to Six’s as she is wearing a similar yellowish colored jacket.

Similarities between the Old and New Characters

  • All of the characters share a similar age and build. All four of them are mere children who were dropped into a desolate world to fight and survive against all kinds of monsters.
  • Low and Alone are helping each other as they progress forward in Little Nightmares 3 just like Mono and Six did in the last title. We hope that this time around, everyone wins in the end.
  • All of the characters are aware of the horrors around them and are striving to get past them. This is a similar trait that all four of them share.
  • Low has an identical power like Mono where he is able to travel through the televisions by teleporting. This time, Low is able to wield the same power but instead of television, he uses mirrors.

Differences between the Old and New Characters

  • For the first time, the characters come equipped with personal items. Therefore, we can guess that they possess some skills that they acquired at some point in their journey.
  • Low is adept at wielding the bow and arrow while Alone could be an airplane pilot/mechanic judging by her helmet and wrench.
  • Other than that, we can see them looking at a piece of paper in a scene within the teaser. This could mean that they have a map or something important on the paper that they are trying to figure out.

These were some of the comparisons between Mono and Six with the new characters Low and Alone from Little Nightmares 3. Let us know what you think about the new characters in the comments below.

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