Little Nightmares 3: Will it be Crossplay?

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Little Nightmares 3 is the upcoming game that continues our journey in a world filled with horror. Set to release in 2024, many fans are eager to know more about what the third game has in store for them. For the first time ever, Little Nightmares 3 is introducing co-op play that will allow you to play online with a friend. However, some aspects of the co-op mode are unclear, making players wonder if Little Nightmares 3 will be crossplay.

How does Co-Op work in Little Nightmares 3?

Little Nightmares 3 will introduce us to two new characters: Low and Alone. They are completely different from Six and Mono, the original characters we met in the first two games. However, they have a few similarities wherein you will need both of them to clear puzzles and navigate your way across The Nowhere, a new world introduced to us in the third game.

Unlike similar co-op games like It Takes Two, the third installment in the Little Nightmares franchise won’t support couch co-op. Instead of allowing gamers to play locally with a friend, gamers will need an internet connection to play co-op in Little Nightmares 3.

  • Bandai Namco has also revealed that you only need to purchase the Friend Pass if you want to play with a friend. This means you and a buddy won’t have to purchase the game separately in order to play it together.

On the other hand, it’s also possible for you to play the game on your own, but where’s the fun in that?

  • In place of a friend, artificial intelligence will control the other character and keep you company as you try to outrun the terrors hunting down Low and Alone.

Will there be Crossplay in Little Nightmares 3?

Now that we’ve gotten the co-op stuff out of the way, there is the question of whether or not the game will have crossplay features. For those unfamiliar, crossplay (also known as cross-platform play) allows gamers on different consoles or platforms to play with each other. If you’re gaming on your PlayStation, you can hop in a session with your friend who is either on the PC or an Xbox.

In recent years, we’ve seen many titles support crossplay, allowing all kinds of gamers to connect with each other. Flexibility is one of the most valuable things that crossplay provides for gamers. Since Little Nightmares 3 only supports online co-op and not local multiplayer, it’s safe to assume that the game will allow crossplay, right?

Unfortunately, the devs have clarified that Little Nightmares 3 won’t be crossplay. Gamers can only play online co-op with those on the same platform as them. It’s unclear why the devs have gone down this route, but it could be to avoid glitches or issues with optimization.

To make up for this, online co-op can be done on platforms from the same manufacturer. So, if you have a PS5, you can still play with a friend who has a PS4. The same goes for the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X and S.

Platforms and Release Date

Little Nightmares 3 is set to release sometime in 2024. It will also come to the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC via Steam

Even though the game not supporting crossplay is a bit of a letdown, Little Nightmares 3 is shaping up to be a great continuation of the previous games in the series. We can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll go on with Low and Alone as we do our best to survive The Nowhere.

What are you looking forward to the most from Little Nightmares 3? Feel free to share with us and other gamers in the comments below!

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