The LAPD is continuing the investigation
The LAPD is continuing the investigation (Image via TVH11)

According to a statement from the Little Rock Police Department given to the THV11, in a recent Little Rock Shooting, a UPS driver was shot on Wednesday at about 1 PM. It happened in the neighborhood close to Chicot Elementary School. As per Arkansas Times, the police spokesman Mark Edwards said the victim is in critical condition at a hospital.

Edwards didn’t give out any details except the victim’s name that could be used to identify him. After a neighbor called the police to report the gunshot outside her home, officers discovered the driver, Don Mallory, 46, of North Little Rock, close to a residence at 7511 Royal Oaks Drive. Mallory was severely wounded and in critical condition.

The investigation is still ongoing, and no further information is available

According to LAPD, the UPS driver was shot in his vehicle in the afternoon on the 7500 block of Royal Oaks Drive on May 24.

THV11 reports about the Little Rock Shooting, saying that some of the shots were fired at the house nearby where Mallory was discovered. Moreover, the police also discovered rifle casings on the ground on each side of the UPS truck. This happened as soon as they arrived on the scene.

The right leg and arm of Mallory were tourniquets by the police. He was then transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. Following the surgery for his injuries on Thursday, he was still in serious condition.

Dustin Barnes, Mallory’s neighbor, said he learned about the event while driving home from work on Wednesday afternoon. He noticed the bullet shells on the ground and holes in the side of the UPS truck.

Barnes stated, “This is a neighborhood I have lived in for almost five years, and I’ve never had any complaints, never heard of anything like this happening.” Barnes also claimed that learning that it was taking place in his neighborhood astonished him.

It will make us uneasy for a little while, but I think we will get back to, or we hope that we kind of get back to the way things were before this,” Dustin Barnes added.

Anyone with information regarding this event was requested to inform the Little Rock police, as the investigation is still ongoing. At this time, neither the suspect nor the reason for the shooting is known.

The Little Rock Police Department is urging anyone with knowledge to get in touch with them.

Who is the suspect?

The LAPD are trying really hard to identify the suspect
The LAPD is determined to identify the suspect (Image via Little Rock Post)

Unfortunately, no suspect has been identified yet in this Little Rock Shooting. However, after the incident, neighbors told police they noticed a gray or blue Lexus leaving the scene. According to them, the car traveled south on Chicot Road.

The police have stated that they believe Mallory knew the individual who shot him. But they were unable to clarify how the two knew one another. Police have not yet disclosed any information about a potential culprit in this incident.

On different social media platforms, detectives with the Major Crimes Division have asked anyone with information about this shooting to call them at (501) 371-4660.

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