Starting from Philippine showbiz when she was a teenager and now she is off living her Hollywood dreams. The Filipina actress and model Liza Soberano is on a new journey in her career. She has been going overseas earlier this year seeking opportunities with her new management in the Careless Music label led by James Reid.

Ever since then, she has been making noise again along with her TikTok collaborations with K-Pop Idols. Soberano even revealed on a South Korean variety show, that she was in the country to find work there. Not long after it, news came out last month about her being part of a Hollywood film.

The film she got in is “Lisa Frankenstein” making it her first ever Hollywood project. She stars alongside Cole Sprouse, Kathryn Newton, Carla Gugino, Joe Chrest, and, Henry Eikenberry. Moreover, the director of this film is Zelda Williams.

As Soberano embarks on the beginning of her career in Hollywood. She revealed how she got the role and her upcoming projects in the future. So read more to find out!

Liza Soberano’s new career in Hollywood and her upcoming projects

She revealed how she got the role

In a recent exclusive interview with CNN Philippines, she revealed several things.

  • Soberano stated that during her stay in Los Angeles last May, she has been looking for representatives. She then got her representatives from Transparent Arts and Authentic Management.
  • She was able to meet the director of Lisa Frankenstein, Zelda Williams. The director then asked her if she is interested to audition. As she got the script, she said “I instantly fell in love with the story and I knew that I needed to audition for it.
  • After sending her audition tape, she then got the role. The character that she is playing is “Kathy” who is a teenage step-sister of Lisa (Kathryn Newton).

  • Moreover, the film is currently in production and there is no release date yet, So we are going to wait further in seeing the film and Liza Soberano’s debut in Hollywood.

She did not reveal exactly about staying in Hollywood
  • Aside from her filming for Lisa Frankenstein. Soberano stated “My priority now is just really focusing on my acting and honing my talent and skill. In hopes that people will recognize me as a global actress and artist.”
  • She also wants everyone to know that she is representing the Philippines.
  • In addition to her interview with L’Officiel Philippines, she is also trying to prioritize her work internationally. As it is also been a dream of her to be in Hollywood so she is trying to seize these opportunities which allow her to grow.

Her upcoming projects
  • Soberano gave us a tease about her music career. As she was saying that she is going to start working on her music next year. Since she is currently focusing on her acting career.
  • She then revealed that she is also working on getting collaborations with different artists. So we are yet to find soon about what she working for in terms of her music career.

Fans certainly look forward to what she has in store in the future and especially with her upcoming film. To know more about her recent interview with CNN Philippines, you watch it below.

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