Are League of Legends LOL Servers Down? August 18, 2020 Complete Update

Riot hasn’t said when the Chemtech Drake will return. According to an announcement published earlier today by the League developer, comments from social media and in-game surveys indicated that the “Chemtech update has just been too difficult to play with, especially if you’re on the losing team.”

The Chemtech Drake, as well as its Dragon Soul and accompanying terrain, has not been available. This is on all of the game’s servers around the world. The schedule is just two weeks into the 2022 Ranked League of Legends season.

“While the Chemtech Drake and its corresponding systems are disabled, we’ll be iterating on design changes to solve the issues with the current versions, while maintaining the spirit of what we were originally trying to achieve.”
– Riot Games

In light of this, Riot announced plans to modify the Chemtech Rift’s landscape but cautioned that it “may take time to do right,” implying that the Chemtech Drake will be absent from the game’s regular dragon rotation for some time.

Prior to 2022 ranked League season, the Chemtech Drake was added with the Hextech Drake. This brings the total number of Elemental Dragons on Summoner’s Rift to six. Only five drakes will be present in future games on the map. The Hextech Drake will remain in League while the Chemtech Drake undergoes a major overhaul.

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It’s unknown whether the Chemtech Drake will return to League. But, it won’t be playable in ranked games for the time being. Furthermore, competitive leagues around the world should expect the elimination of the Chemtech Drake to have an impact on on-stage games in the future.

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